Why me?

My name is Kathryn I have piercing blue eyes and black hair I am a wear wolf so what happens when my brother gets into a mess and I have to try to help him out of it?


3. Mystic Falls

~Kathryn's P.O.V

When I showed up at the address that Elijah sent me  I was absolutely in shock. It was our old home from when we lived here. But that is not possible, Nick told me that he sold it for our other house. Then he had it remodeled. I used to love that house! Then as I was admiring it I saw a plaque it read 'Dearest sister, I understand that this is your favorite house so I remodeled it for you, Happy Birthday.' That is the nicest and most wonderful thing anyone has ever done for me. I then saw Elijah walk out the door "Hello Elijah", "Hello Katrina" " Elijah I have told you time and time again I go by Kathryn." "And Katrina I have told you time and time again that I don't care, sister come in." When was Klaus going to give me the house?" "On your birthday I assume." But my birthday was two days ago." "Ok then, he must have been taken before that." "Well, where is he being held?" "How do you know he is being held?" "He is my brother and a powerful hybrid." "Yes of course." "So," "So, What Katrina." "Where are they?... you know the people who took my brother." " Well the people who have him are Elena, Stephen, Damon, Jeremy, Bonnie,and Caroline." Well where are they?" "At Stephan and Damon's house." "Just tell me where." "Ok I will get Rebecca and then we can get going." "K"             



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