The dark side

It all happens at midnight no one know where or when but it did and nothing will be the same ever again


1. Part 1 Obsessed

You know what fuck you! I screamed as I threw the plate on the floor in protest. No fuck you! He declared as he slammed the door. Just another normal day we fight we make up and most of all were obsessed. I really don't have a clue why I love him he does nothing but mess with me fucking head and ruin my already shitty life. I will never understand the fucking hold he has over me but there's jut something about the look he gives me when he comes back. Oh great here he is now. You know what, I'm so fucking done with your shit get up stairs no he yells as usual. Yet I comply and do as said he comes up stairs and I know what's about to happen so I wait. He comes threw the door angry as hell. I'm gonna fuck you so hard he says. He jumps on me tears off my shirt and and pants. While he's taking off his boxers. He jumps on me I can feel him hardening in between my legs he pounds me so hard with every thrust in and out. I can never get enough of it though. Every time he gets harder and deeper and it feels so fucking great he's groaning and starts screaming as am I. He hits his climax and let's out a groan and so do I. I'm gonna be sore for days after this one I just know it.

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