One Direction Imagines

Making about one of these everyday. Got a request? comment your name boy,and what you want it to be about, also details about how you look and dirty,clean,sad,or happy? Enjoy Dangos


2. Imagine for Nikki_Hart

i walked up the stairs to harry's flat fluffing the new dress you bought this morning topped with a cute white bow and black flats, summer in london was always the best with lots of fashion choices. as you got the keys a slight moaning sound came from the flat. 


You backed away slowly not believing what you were hearing as you walked into harry's flat knowing you haven't seen him in several months. you instantly spot a pile of harry's clothes all over the floor,the scent of a fruity perfume filled the misty air, moans from a distant room lead you to the bedroom. i feel moisture fill in my eyes as i see harry with a tall blonde girl who looked like a model making out on the bedroom wall. his green eyes shot open as soon as he realized i was watching there whole make out session. 

"Nikki i can explain" harry said with a shaky voice pushing away the model from his chest. 

 your hands are trembling not believing him a bit, all this time you trusted him not knowing he was a sleaze.

You quickly walked past him ignoring his fake concern, grabbing the nearest suit case filling it up with all the stuff you had at harry's flat. 

"Nikki i dont want it to end this way something just sparked with me and aly" he said sighing looking at me with his bright green eyes 

"did you ever love me harry?" i screamed letting the suitcase slam on the floor 

"I "did" " he said letting a tear fall down his cheek 

you couldn't stand what you were being told, picking up the last of your stuff from harry's bedroom  you take off the paper airplane necklace he gave to you when he actually loved you, walking out in the crisp summer afternoon, tears flowing down your cheeks. it was the end of me and harry.


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