One Direction Imagines

Making about one of these everyday. Got a request? comment your name boy,and what you want it to be about, also details about how you look and dirty,clean,sad,or happy? Enjoy Dangos


3. Imagine for Elin1DForever


You and Harry have been fighting all day after what happen yesterday at the club. 

"Elin he was all over you"! harry said standing up from the couch yelling at the top of his lungs. 

"No he wasn't, I know what happened last night" you said remembering the guy last night asking you for the time, obviously you was very drunk that night, the poor guy had to ask several times. 

"Im not stupid Elin i've seen the headlines to all the magazines" Harry shouts throwing today's magazine, headline in all caps "Harry Styles Girlfriend Cheating?!"

"Harry i would never cheat on you!" 

"Save it Elin, i've had enough of your lies" Harry furious, throwing a china glass across the kitchen,the sound of crashing glass makes your heart jump, you've never seen harry this angry. 

your eyes start to tear up as soon as he takes off the bracelet you gave him for his birthday,the pearls go everywhere making the string rip apart. 

Shocked you ran up to the bedroom, crying your eyes out, repeating the scenes you just witness. 

"Elin?" harry says in a soft tone 

He walks up the stairs realizing what he just did

"E-Elin im so sorry"

"No harry..i pushed you into this" you say getting up from the bed,tear stains all over the pillow

"N-No elin i over reac..

You stop him with a passionate kiss before he had the chance to finish his statement.

"I love you Elin" harry says before going back into the passionate kiss 





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