Diana is a girl who is very popular and used to be best friends with One Direction. When they write a song about her what will happen


1. The old me

Diana's POV


Let be be the one to light a fire inside those eyes

You have been lonely

You don't even know me

I can feel you crying"

Some times I love them, other times I hate them. But now I always hate them. Oh, you're wondering who "them" is? Ok it's Horrible Harry, Nasty Niall, I dont even care Zayn, And Low life Liam and Louis. Yeah i bet you can tell how much I hate them. "Besties" we're what a white girl would call our relationship together. Then we, ya know just grew apart I mean from our 8th grade graduation to our 9th grade graduation they bullied me but then in high school we were close, we purposely applied to the same colleges so we could spend time together but we all got into the same college. There's no problem with that but the meanest girl in my grade already accepted and I was a victim of bullying from her and her group so I just told the guys I wasn't accepted which I can't believe they believed because I was on deans list after the first semester of high school and stayed on it the next 4 years. In our junior year of college they released their 2nd album. As soon as I heard Diana I hated them. At my college I am popular and had 590k followers on Instagram and Twitter but when they knew me back in England I was small, and broken, bullied. When I went to college it was a new start, of course they posted on twitter the song was about me and everyone instantly knew I wasn't the popular, pretty me I made myself up to be. They ruined my life. Aren't their easier ways to talk to me? They have my email and number. The me they wrote about in their song was the old me, the one I left behind when I left for college.

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