My love for a boy.

Hi my name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam! I'm the typical stubborn bitch to everyone but my friends....,, what will happen when the new kid names liam come and takes her heart will she turn sweet?


2. why?!

As I was in class I was texting Alex...

A: hey

S:hi how r u

A: good just waiting for you!

S: sorry but guess what I'm sitting by the new kid and omg he is adorable!

A: hahahah but remember you still have a boyfriend

S: ya I know but I can still mess around.

A: sure.... We'll see you in a little bit.

After class...

Liam POV

I was looking at that Sam girl and she was adorable and cute also dangerous. But I had a feeling that she had a boyfriend. Maybe I'll ask her friend Alex because when she was sitting class I saw her texting her so maybe that's her friend.


So when I was heading out of class I saw my boyfriend he was looking like he was going to punched someone. "What's wrong with you? I looked at him. "Nothing I just fell." He said looking a little better. "Follow me." He said happily. So we walked outside to the back of the building where no one goes. "Where are we going?" I asked curiously. " I want you against me!" He said dirty. "I'm not ready and I'm waiting!" I said mad. As I was about to walk away I felt a sharp pain against my face. The. I realized he had slapped me across my left cheek. As I looked at him with tears in my eyes he said "now we are going to have sex!" I looked at him pissed. "No fuck you trey!" He then throw me to the ground and then kicked me to the ground and began to laugh and the stomach and then started to laugh and then He punched me in the face and then I heard someone yell "what the hell are you doing!" I looked over and saw a blurry figure running toward me. Then I felt a strong pain in my head. And the I put my hand on my head and I felt something wet I brought my hand down and saw blood and lots of it. Then everything got black.

Liam POV

As I was walking out the back because I didn't want anyone to now I stay after school I saw this guy hitting something. Then I looked a little harder and then I noticed that it was Sam!! I yelled at him and then he spritted off and I ran toward her and then I saw blood coming out her head so then I called 911 and told them to hurry. Then I finally got to her and she was passed out.

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