My love for a boy.

Hi my name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam! I'm the typical stubborn bitch to everyone but my friends....,, what will happen when the new kid names liam come and takes her heart will she turn sweet?


1. A new day!

Hi my name is Samantha but most people call me Sam, I have long blonde hair it goes down to my butt, I have bright blue eyes, I have a few tattoos, and I have a boyfriend named Trey.

Today was a bright new day I was going back to school this year I'm a senior fucking finally! As I opened my drawers I looked for something cute so I choose my black short that has rips at the bum and i chose a blue belly shirt that showed my belly ring. Then I went into my bathroom and but on a dark eye liner in with black eye shadow.

"Hey slut!" Alex said to me. "Hey whore!" I said back smiling. We always say that because we always joke about loosing our v card. "So have you seen the new boy he I soo hot!" She said laughing. " really show me a pic!" She showed me a pick and bye god was he hot!

"Morning babe!" Trey said smacking his lips in mine, we had a little making out session. "Umm.." Alex said. " I pulled away and said" bye babe see you in a little bit putting my tongue back in his mouth. He looked at me sadly and said " why can't we just have sex?"" Because I'm waiting." I said a little agitated. "Ok bye," he said licking my neck. " wow and you say your life sucks!" Alex said laughing.

Later that day...

"Hey do you wanna ditch the rest of the day?" Alex asked. " yeah after my next class I have a test and I really don't want to do it tomorrow." "Ugh... Ok but when you finish meet me at the back doors." She said a little mad. " ok love ya!" She replied the same. I was running to that class because I had one more second to get there. BAM the door slammed behind me. I looked at Mr. Robert and he signed and said "I'm happy you could make it!" " ya sorry I slipped." I said lying. "Sure... Well your sitting by the new student Liam Payne. I thought to my self sweet. I looked at my seat and smiled at Liam. "Hi I'm Sam!" I whispered to him. "Hi I'm liam." He said with a shy voice.

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