The tutor

This is a one chapter story. My name is Lauren I am the tutor Zayn Malik. Well was and we did a lot more than just study. We were practically fuck buddies.


1. chapter 1 (only one chapter)


Zayn- bad boy, tattoos, doesn't care about school.

Lauren- perfect, hates tattoos.

Zayn's POV

Report cards are today!(fuck) my teacher walked over to me and gave me a disappointed look. She handed me my report card and says "you need a tutor and it starts Monday." Wow she got me a tutor. What a bitch! I don't give a fuck about school. I'm gonna be in a band.

Lauren's POV

Report cards are today! (Yahhh) I got my report card. All A+'s the usual! Then my teacher walked over to me and said "you're gonna start tutoring on Monday." Yes that will look good on my college application. I got my things and walked to my locker. Then a bunch of girls were crowding around the one and only Zayn Malik I hate him with a passion! He thinks he is perfect and all. ( he sorta is cute though) I got my things out of my locker and walked to my car.

*skips weekend*

Zayn's POV

I was putting everything in my locker when a pretty hot girl walked up to me. She asked "are you ready for your tutoring lesson?" I just stood there for a second, she is my tutor. I'm gonna have fun with this! We walked to the library and sat down. "My name is Lauren by the way." She said. "Mines Zayn" I responded. We started work when I decided to say "want to go to my house it will be more comfortable?" She seemed a little nervous. "It'll be fine" I reassured her. We got our stuff and left. We went to the parking lot and got in my car. We headed to my house.

Lauren's POV

I was really nervous about going to Zayn's house. I am his tutor so I will help him no matter what. We got out of the car and I followed him inside his apartment. "You live alone?" I asked. He smirked and said "yeah". He walked to his room and sat on his bed and I followed him but sat on the floor. I started to pull out some books when he came up from behind me and started kissing my neck. I let out a slight moan. It felt so good. He stopped and said "you liked that I guess."

Zayn's POV

He would be easy to get into her pants. I continued to kiss her neck then jawline. Once I reached her lips I stopped for a second. "Don't stop" she moaned. So I rolled on top of her and pressed her to the ground and we started to make out. I took off mine and her shirts. Dang she has huge boobs! She took of her shorts then slowly undid my belt and took my pants off too. Leaving us in our undergarments.

Lauren's POV

He kissed my lips then started to kiss lower and lower. He got to the edge of my panties when he used his teeth to pull them down. He threw them across the room then thrusts his fingers inside of me causing me to moan even louder. He sped up his pace. I moaned "Zayn I'm close." "I know babe." He replied then he removed his fingers and licked it. He reached into his drawer and pulled out a condom. I pulled off his briefs to reveal his hard dick. He slide the condom on and asked "you ready?" "I just want you in me!" I moaned. Then he thrusted in me it hurt but felt so good. A good pain. He thrusted faster and faster until I knew I was at my climax. I moaned so loud I bet his neighbors could hear us. His thrusts started getting sloppy and he pulled out. He rolled to my side an we both started breathing heavily. We were both sweaty but I still put my clothes on anyway. I said "see you at tutoring tomorrow" and winked as I left. By the end of senior year we were dating. I became valedictorian and got into Oxford university. Zayn and I were planning on getting married but he tried out for the X factor. He is now in a band called One Direction and we haven't talked since. I just graduated college and have a new boyfriend.

***heyy loves I know this is short but I want to see if u like it or not so I will make more like this if this has a good turn out.***

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