Living In The Shadows

18 year old Logan Sanders is the daughter of Matthew Sanders. Better known as M.Shadows, the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold. She has a few tattoos, not as many as her father though. She lives in his shadow, the only thing she's known for is being his daughter. Being best friends with the guys of Hollywood Undead, they encourage her to put the amazing voice she inherited from her father to use. When she does, her father and his band mates are amazed by her voice. They knew she could sing, but not as good as she can. And finally she gets out of the shadows, right into the spotlight.


4. Two

Logan's POV


"When are you guys leaving for tour?" Danny asked.


"Next week." I said as we paid and left.


"Well, we gotta do something before you leave." Charlie said.


"What would we do?" I asked.


"I don't know, get drunk and be crazy. Like we usually do." He shrugged, laughing.


"Usually do?" Johnny asked.


"Yup." I giggled.


"Well, I will not be getting arrested for giving alcohol to minors." Johnny laughed.


"Okay, we'll leave you out of the party." I smiled.


"You gotta stop by sometime, Ava's been begging to see you." Johnny said.


"Scarlett, too." Danny added.


"Will do." I smiled, "See you guys whenever I see you." I hugged all of them before getting into my car and driving home. The guys were still here, which meant they would be here for a while.


"How was it?" Zacky asked as I walked into the door.


"Fine." I said, "I have to go see Ava and Scarlett before we leave."


"Who?" They all asked.


"Johnny's daughter and Danny's daughter." I said. It still didn't seem to register in their minds, "The names I got tattooed on my foot."


"Oh!" They all nodded.


"Don't you have your ex-boyfriends name still on your back?" Syn laughed.


"We broke up like three weeks ago." I said.


"He was the one in Black Veil Brides, right?" Arin asked.


"Mhmm." I nodded.


"Which one was it again? I forget his name..." Zacky trailed off.


"Ashley." I said.


"Isn't he like 30?" My dad asked.


"29, thank you very fucking much, and I'm 18 so good fucking bye." I put my hand up.


"Your so sassy." My mom laughed, sitting next to my dad.


"Plus, it'd only be illegal if we had sex. So sweeeerve." I made my wingers to form a W.


"You're weird." Johnny said.


"Thank you." I smiled.


"Oh, you can bring one friend on tour." My mom told me.


"Anyone?" I smiled.


"No boys." My dad said.


"Whaaaat?" I whined, "All of my friends are boys!"


"No they're not." He said.


"Yes they are." I said.


"No boys." He repeated.


"Eh, I'm bringing Ashley anyway." I shrugged.


"Your ex-boyfriend?" Syn laughed, "Ooh, daddy's not gonna like that."


"No." My dad shook his head.


"Yes." I smiled.


"Honey, just let it be." My mom told him.




"Just let it go." She smiled, getting annoyed.


"Baker Boy, can you take me to McDonald's?" I asked, smiling wide at him.


"Didn't you just have lunch?" He asked.


"Fine." I rolled my eyes, "Johnny, can you take me to McDonald's?"


"Sure, let's go." Johnny nodded.


"See, the trick is to always say yes to what she asks." My dad explained, "That's why she's a spoiled brat." 




"So, what's up?" Ashely asked. I had called him and we decided to meet at the park we always went to.


"I have a question for you." I said as we sat on a bench.


"So important we had to meet face to face?" He laughed.


"No, I just like seeing your face." I giggled.


"I like seeing your pretty face, too." He pinched my cheek, "So what's this question?"


"Do you wanna come on tour with me? My mom said I could bring someone and I chose you." I said.


"Me? Out of everyone?" He asked.


"Well, yeah. You're like the person I'm closest to and yea." I nodded, "So, are you coming or no?"


"Yes, of course!" Ashley smiled.


"Yay!" I clapped my hands.


"When do we leave?" He asked.


"Next week." I told him.


"Do you wanna come with me to tell the other guys?" He asked.


"Sure." I nodded. We went to the house that they shared and they all looked excited to see us together.


"Are you guys back together?" Jake asked excitedly.


"No, but we have something to tell you." Ashley said.


"Your back together?" Andy smiled hopefully.


"No, but Ashley is going on tour with me and the guys." I said.


"So, your not back together?" Jinxx asked.


"No." Ashely and I said.


"Then this conversation got boring." CC frowned.


"Watch they'll get back together on tour." Jake said. I just rolled my eyes.


"Of course they will, they have each others names. It's like meant to be then." Andy said.


"You do know we can hear you right?" I asked.


"Yeah, we're very aware." They nodded.


"We're encouraging you to date." Jinxx said, "Again." He added.


"So, when are you guys leaving?" Andy asked.


"Next week." I said.


"I bet they'll be back together by the time they get back." Andy said.


"How much?" CC asked. 


"We'll start with fifty." Andy smiled.


"Well, I'm gonna go against you and say they won't, but they'll be like one of those friends with benefits things." CC smirked.


"Deal." Andy smiled.


"Oh God.." I shook my head.




So, this chapter was boring. I know

I'm sorry :| Hope you like it xx
~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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