Wings of Perfection

Angels fly. No. I am an angel. I cannot fly. Well, every other angel can fly. I am alone. The outcast. I am a delivery angel. I deliver important packages to important people. My life is pretty busy. Oh, and I ride dragons. Mostly my dragon, Silver. So read if you want, mortal.


3. Blue Dragon

I told Phoenix my plan to catch the blue dragon. She needed to be the one who rode the dragon first, sealing the bond. Dragons are tricky creatures. I handed Phoenix the gold rope.

"Here ya go Red. I'll distract the dragon while you put this around it's neck. After you hook it, climb the rope and ride the dragon." Phoenix just nodded yes and took a deep breath.

"What if I don't do this right? What if I fail miserably?" She asks me.

"I don't know. At least that dragon isn't big enough to eat you." Hey, I was being honest!

"Very reassuring. I guess you rode Silver, she's gigantic!" Phoenix says. I nod yes and send Phoenix on her way.

I mount Silver and we circle the blue dragon. It doesn't even regard us. I see Phoenix make her way towards the dragon. I yell at the blue dragon and it screeches at me. Phoenix gets closer and closer to the blue dragon.

Phoenix starts to swing the rope, cowboy style. I just continue to distract the dragon. Silver and I fly around and around. Phoenix makes a wild swing with the rope and it catches the blue dragons neck. Now for the hard part.

"Hold on!" I yell at my friend, as she gets dragged along the rocks behind the blue dragon. I fly down and hover over Phoenix. I reach down and grab her jacket. We fly and she keeps holding the rope and climbing towards the dragon's neck.

I help Phoenix along and we approach the dragon's head. I drop her down and she hangs on to some of the dragon's spikes. Soon, the blue dragon slows and relaxes. Finally. Now Phoenix has her own dragon.

Silver, Phoenix, her dragon, and I fly for awhile before setting down near our houses.

"What are you going to call him?" I ask Phoenix.

"I think I'll call him Sky. And Em, can you just call me Red? I feel like starting over." Phoenix 'Red' replies. We settle down and soon we fall asleep on dragon-back.


I awake to a snoring redhead. Red had fallen off of Sky during the night, and is upside down with dirt in her hair. I shake her.

"Red. Red! PHOENIX!" I yell at her, trying to wake her up.

"Yes mom! What is it?!" She opens her eyes, startled. I laugh and she gives me a dirty look. "It's not funny Emerald." She mumbles before standing up.

"Hey guys. Erm, Phoenix you have something in your hair." A male's voice says. I look over and it is Red's brother, Collin. I've had a crush on him since I was about 10. I'm 15 now.

"Hi bro." Red shouts and she goes and lightly punches Collin in the arm. He pretends to be hurt. "Just call me Red, Colly." Red says.

"Fine Red." He emphasized the 'Red'. We all laughed and went to Red and Collin's house to eat. Our dragons went of to steal sheep or burn down houses.

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