Wings of Perfection

Angels fly. No. I am an angel. I cannot fly. Well, every other angel can fly. I am alone. The outcast. I am a delivery angel. I deliver important packages to important people. My life is pretty busy. Oh, and I ride dragons. Mostly my dragon, Silver. So read if you want, mortal.


1. To Fly

You know how birds fly, right? Well, I can't. And I'm sort of a bird. To fly, birds flap their wings. To fly, butterflies flap their wings. To fly, bumblebees flap their wings. To fly, well, you get the point. See, I cannot fly. I flap my wings. People say I just need practice. I have practiced for hours on end! No progress. Nothing. Nothing at all. I am getting tired of the whole flying thing. Oh and by the way, I am expected to fly. I am an angel, after all!


I approach Silver with gentle footsteps and a soft voice. She's absolutely perfect. Her scales are smooth, rounded, and silver. Silver comes over to me and nuzzles my stomach. I slowly stroke her huge scaly face. Most people don't like Silver just because she ate the first ten people to try and ride her. Oh, by the way, Silver is a dragon.

Have you ever heard the expression "a dragon is an angel's best friend"? Well, it's true. Most dragons and angels are inseparable. Although, Silver and I have to be separable. Silver does scare people, only because she's twice as big as every other dragon, and she has huge dragon spikes above her face.

To fly, birds flap their wings. To fly, butterflies flap their wings. To fly, bumblebees flap their wings. To fly, dragons flap their wings. Dragons. Silver is a gigantic silver dragon. She flaps her wings. I ride her. Together, we fly.


I brush my long, dark chocolate-brown hair behind my ears. Most angels have light-coloured hair, usually blonde. I am one of the few exceptions. My green eyes shine as Silver and I lift off of the ground. My hair trails behind us as we soar, cutting through air, time, and space.

Dragons have a cool power. When you ride a dragon, time doesn't pass the same. You can also cover more distance on a dragon. That's why angels use them so often. Riding a dragon is much faster than an angel's flying. We use dragons to deliver mail, packages, and travel to the other cities.

Silver and I soar over Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. There are few humans at this hour. It's about 2 in the morning. By the way, humans cannot see us. Animals can. Usually angels pick up stray dogs and cats, and take them to our homes to be properly cared for. All angels have soft spots for strays.

Anyways, back to the flying. I land Silver on the top of the Parliament Building. (A/N if you don't know what those are just go look it up. They are in Canada) I demount Silver and sink through the roof. Oh yeah, angels have that ability. I take the package I am carrying and put it on the Prime Minister's desk. Off I go to deliver the next package. I climb the wall up to the roof and Silver and I fly away. I love flying on Silver.

A/N!!! Thank you for reading my new movella! I really like how this one is starting, so I will update it quite frequently! I know I have been starting a lot of new movellas lately. I won't start any more for a bit so yeah. Thanks again for reading, I'll update soon! Love my readers! Bye for now!

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