Locked Out of Heaven

Bella is a ghost, who meets Devon while haunting her old high school.
They become friends, but what happens when they want to be more? And while all this is happening Devon is being followed by a deadly gang. Lucifer tempts Bella to join his Dark angel army, and she feels like she should do so. Will her passion for Devon keep her on the light side? Or will she get Locked out of heaven?


2. Frozen I held my breath



I went back to the place I met the extremely attractive boy.

He was there, leaning against the locker.

I sent a cold breath towards him and he looked up.

" hello" he said staring at me with amazement.

I did a small wave I'm response. 

" can you speak?"

I knew it was coming.  I shook my head.

I knew it would be hard to say no to him, so I turned to leave.

" stop it"

I turned annoyed.

" I am Devon"

I looked him up and down. His strong and dark brown curls, made  the name perfect for him.

I examined his face. His bold jaw, his perfectly shaped mouth, and his piercing blue eyes, so full of life. 

I nodded at him.

" do you have a name?"

I nodded again.

" and?"

I spelled it out for him in the air.

" Bella?"

I nodded and smiled happily.


One thing I hate about being dead, despite being the creepiest shade of grey, is telepathy.

I can communicate directly into others minds.

Only one person could communicate back.

'Shut up Lucifer! You're so annoying sometimes. I'm just waiting for the list to go down, then I'm going to Heaven.'


'And don't call me Labeth! I have a name!"

I shut him out before he could respond.

" Bella"

I nodded

"Talk to me"

I looked at him. Perfect in so many ways.

"You are beautiful" he spoke to me.
I smiled.

Devon's POV
I met Bella a few months ago. I don't mind that she's a spirit, she's my best friend. She waits in my room until I get home, and we sit staring at each other for hours.

We found a way for her to talk. I got a small board, that she could write on. Just using her finger.

She was apparently new to being a ghost.

Waiting to get into heaven she said. 

She's across from me right now, we are both sitting on my bed.

Well I'm sitting- she's just kind of floating.

"I did some research in science class today" I said and her eyes perked up.

" I think I know why you can't hold anything"

She raised her eyebrows, telling me to go on.

"Your made of vapor. Water vapor"

Her eyes opened wide and she did a small nod, confirming that she understood.

She looked at me.

"How did you die?"

Her chest rose and fell, I think she sighed.

She started writing on the board.

" my boyfriends older brother was in a gang, and my sister made him angry. 
He shot my sister, brother, and both of my parents."

"What about you?"

She took a moment to erase the board, the started writing again.

" he found me and told me that he didn't want to kill me. That I was too pretty. He used me as his slave, and one day before he could wake up I stabbed myself"

I was shocked. How could she do that?!

" where is your family?"

"They went straight to heaven, everyone who is murdered does. But those who kill themselves, get put on the list for examination."

She continued to write about her life until I knew the entire story.

I knew about this guy Lucifer,
Who apparently was the devil, and wanted her in the underworld.

" your beautiful Bella. I'm so happy I met you"

She smiled and settled the board down.

She points to herself and then held up two fingers.

Is it bad that I'm falling for a ghost?

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