Fast & Furious (Justin Bieber FanFic)

This is NOT 100% based on the movies. But it's mostly like it. I think there's someone else making a similar one... I'M NOT STEALING ANYTHING WITHOUT PERMISSION.!!!! But I tried to make it original and mine. Btw: that's me in the pictures. I'm Jesse in here lol Juss saying. Includes:


4. Race Day \(^.^)/

Race Day \(^.^)/


Dom's POV


"Okay guys. It's almost 9. We should start heading there." I yelled. I was dressed in all red followed by my crew. They ran downstairs. I quickly glanced at them and saw they had the same outfit on. Don't worry, we planned it. Red T-Shirt, their Red jumpsuits on tied around their waists, and our Red supras. And we can't forget about our Red bandanas wrapped around our head, Tupac Style.

"Where's Jen.?" I asked. quickly glancing at my watch.

Then I heard her heels. I looked up and she looked stunning. The fellas looked at her with mouths wide open. I slapped them all on the back of their heads. Then they looked away. I walked up to her.

"That's why you shouldn't dress like that." I said smiling and kissing her a couple times all over her face. She giggled. She was wearing the same bandana like us. Her hair was down an curled with Red lipstick and black winged eyeliner. She had black leather pants with Red stilettos and a red crop top with a leather jacket unzipped. I zipped it up almost all the way, showing a little of her breasts.

"That's better." She smiled. Then we headed out.


Justin's POV


Gosh she looked great. I mean she isn't my type but Damn. When we all hopped into our rides



~At The Place~


When we got there, there were a lot of folks there. Dom told us to park the cars on the starting line and to wait. He left to find the people, while I left to get a drink and talk to some ladies. I was talking to this one blonde, she was hot. But she only talked about her. I pretended to care, when I got bumped and I spilled my drink all over the blonde.

"Ahh." She screamed. I didn't really care, I turned around to see a beautiful. I mean really gorgeous girl, she had curly long black hair that went to just under her boobs. She had a mask on, like a masquerade ball mask. And she had all leather on.

"Oh. I'm sorry. Are you alright.?" She asked picking up the bottle that's now shattered all over the floor and quickly apologizing to the blonde.

"Don't worry about it." I said grabbing her hand. I shook it gently and said:

"My names Justin." She smiled and shook my hand back.

"My names... Not your business." She said letting go. I smiled.

"Oh well nice to meet you 'not your business'. What's a girl like you doing here.?" I asked looking around briefly.

"Same reason why you are." She winked, then a group of people came between us and... BAM, she was gone. Hmmm, she was... SOO HOT!! I walked towards Dom.



Dom's POV


"Okay. So are we doing this or not?" I asked when I saw the others come. Then, I felt my crew behind me.

"Yes. Don't be scared. Let's do it" One of them said. They all had all black jumpsuits and biker helmets on. hmmm, weird. We all got into our rides and Jen did the count down with her other bandana. Once the bandana went all the way down. We all raced. The purple car was in the lead right now. Then it was a black one, then me, then Justin, then 2 green rides, John, Jason, A blue ride and last was Dan. We kept going and about 1/4 of the race, Dan bumped the blue car and he swerved off the track.

"Yes!" I shouted. Then Jason and John both bumped into the green rides and they were out. Then Dan sped up and knocked out the black ride. So now it's Purple, Justin, Me, Jason, Dan, John, in that order. I didn't even notice Justin got in front of me. We almost got to the finish line. Everyone was behind me. I was first. Then purple got in front of me and he won.

"Damn" I said hitting my steering wheel.

I got out of my ride and so did my crew and purple. He got out of his ride. Me and my crew waited for him. He opened the door. He stood up. He took his helmet off and it's... A GIRLLL!!! She shook her hair and took off her masquerade ball mask. OMG! Then she unzipped her jumpsuit and took it all the way off. She hopped in her ride and pulled out some red supras. She put them on. She wore a red bandeau, black leather jacket, leather pants and her supras, she looked exactly the same way she left me. Ohhh, myyy, godddd.. She took out a bandana and put it on her head like Tupac wears it and she shook her curls. Then she closed her door and looked up at me. She walked up to me. She was about a meter away from me. She had light pink lipgloss on, and black winged eyeliner and her bangs were curled up into the bandana. She looked Perfect.!!(: <3












"Jess" I whispered....



Dayummmmm. Who knew that was coming?! Anyone.?!?! Be sure to like this, comment, favorite, recommend for others to read, and become a fan. Also check out my other story. My Birthweek.


~Stay Swaggy~

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