The Project (One Direction Fan Fic)

Kate transferred last year to an all girls boarding school. Life seemed good with a knew group of friends and what she believed a great school.
But the school isn't exactly what she believed. Instead of doing her senior final exams the most unexpected project becomes her final mark.
The girls are pared with a boy from the linked boarding school and what they learn about their partner determines their marks.


2. Boys, Boys, Boys

Kate's POV

" Quiet girls!" Mrs Avery's voiced boomed through the speakers, yet today it was useless. Every girl was too excited that 150 boys would be staying with us for the rest of the year. It took 5 minutes to settle down the whole hall.

In all honesty, I just wanted someone who wasn't an ass but wasn't a complete nerd and I'd learn my stuff and write some descriptive piece about a boy I would only know for a year, and get the best mark possible. I sighed as I became impatient waiting for the boys to enter the hall.

The back door creaked and laughing, deep voices and chatter swallowed the hall and hypnotized many of the girls.

"Stop drooling Bella." I sneakily remarked as I shut her jaw, earning a glare before her attention was diverted back to the large crowd of muscular boys.

After everyone settled their principle had seat on stage allowing Mrs Avery the privilege of addressing everyone.

"Over last year your teachers were able to find out your hobbies, dreams, strengths and weaknesses and so much more. With the little information we were given throughout the year we paired you with someone who you shared interests in some aspects but had different opinions on others. When you hear your name come to the stage meet your partner and head to the main yard until called back in."

With that introduction Mrs Avery starting calling out names of partners. I watched as everyone was called up, alphabetically by the girls last name.

"Bella Crawford" Bella's last name had not yet left Mrs Avery's mouth by the time she was standing, showing just how excited she was.

"Your partner is Louis Tomlinson" A brunette jumped up excitedly with a grin plastered on his face getting encouraging slaps from his group of friends. I'm not surprised about the reaction, Bella is gorgeous after all.

"Bella's gonna be happy with him." Ruby whispered nudging me earning a simple nod in reply. He was here type after all.

Eloise was the next to be called up and she was partnered with a Liam. I couldn't remember but he seemed to have come the direction of where Louis had been.

"Kate Mason." I slowly stood and walked onto the stage looking out at the now limited group of boys left waiting for my partner to stand when his name was called.

"Your partner is Niall Horan." An adorable blonde looking boy made his way on stage towards me. We walked off the stage out the back entrance, me leading the way to the yard.

"I'm Niall." I couldn't help but notice his strong Irish accent, honestly I liked the change.

"Figured. But I guess if I must, I'm Kate." I replied sending him a warm smile.

"Your not as sweet as I imagined." he chuckled as I sent him a glare.

"I would be offended but I'm glad I'm already proving you wrong." He was awfully forward and chatty, not what I had expected at all. I guess we were already surprising each other. I found a vacant bench on the outskirts of the courtyard and sat down waiting for Niall to do the same. Niall was now exploring memory lane because I just so happened to mention his accent. I had managed to pay no attention to what he was saying but instead was trapped looking at his eyes. They were icy blue, so crystal clear and so captivating.


After an hour of lectures and reminders we were finally able to leave and relax, but of course not without our timetables or partners. I lead the way to my door with Niall following close behind. I settled down waiting for Bella to arrive, however was not shocked when Ruby came in.

"Hey Ruby." I smiled brightly noticing a tall boy standing behind her with curly brown hair.

"Hazza, what a coincidence." Niall jumped up and walked over hugging the boy. Ruby must have noticed my confused look.

"Harry Styles, I'm guessing their friends." Ruby whispered.

"Ahem!." I mumbled catching the boys attention. "I'm Kate, Niall's partner and Ruby's friend." I said extending my hand out.

"Harry, Ruby's partner and Niall's friend." he replied back.


Soon everyone had pilled into the room, where we discovered everyone's partners were friends. Eloise was with Liam, Ruby with Harry, Bella with Louis, and Anna with Zayn.

"So this will make hanging out so much easier." Louis pointed out.



Authors Note

Hey guys :)

So these first chapters a really just fillers to get the story and this school straight like I don't want everyone confused about what is actually going on.

Please do your thing and help this story out if you like it :)

Love Tay xx


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