The Project (One Direction Fan Fic)

Kate transferred last year to an all girls boarding school. Life seemed good with a knew group of friends and what she believed a great school.
But the school isn't exactly what she believed. Instead of doing her senior final exams the most unexpected project becomes her final mark.
The girls are pared with a boy from the linked boarding school and what they learn about their partner determines their marks.


21. Are You That Blind

Harry's POV

Two months this project has been going on and I enjoy it more and more. Ruby is a great partner, she's gorgeous, fun and flirty. But she is just a friend and we both know that. I set her up with one of my friends who she is currently on a date with now, and all I can think of is if Ruby would set me up with one of hers. But not anyone, her. Kate Mason. I tried to tell myself it was a jealous thing, that Niall managed to get paired with this seemingly perfect girl. But with the growing amount of time which they have not acknowledged their feelings, mine have grown. 'Maybe they don't have feelings for each other in that sense' This saying circulates my mind and creates an ever growing blow up to come. It's obvious Niall's feelings and he's my best friend so I will have to distance myself. No more constant text, no more catching up for coffee. Kate Mason will be only a crush.

Kate's POV

"Hey Niall, how did your report go?"

"Easiest thing I've ever done." He said smiling quickly. It was growing on my nerves that we have not admitted our feelings for each other. Every day longer doubt consumes my mind that what I believe isn't a reality. So I become to afraid to speak my mind, and maybe Niall is the same. But I can't help but think, what happens if he isn't into me.

"Hey Kate..." Niall says uneasily.

"Yeah" I reply with a short smirk

"You and Harry talk a lot don't you?" He asks looking anywhere but at me.

"We did but the last week he just hasn't replied, haven't seen him, nothing" I replied with an uncertain look plastered on my face. I hear him mumble a good softly and can't stop my confusion from growing

"Why is it good?" I snap back, annoyed at his sudden protective state over my contact with his friends

"Are you that blind Kate?" Niall finally looks at me but is rather he not with those eyes that burn holes into me. "He likes you and it's beyond obvious!" His tone becomes a growl and I'm startled. The news shocks me more than I think Niall thought, I can tell by his sudden softening of facial features. I can't reply, my mind doesn't comprehend it. My mind has been so focused on Niall I have been oblivious and have possibly created a riff in a friendship.

"He hasn't told anyone we can just tell so don't worry about his friendship I won't start anything." And with that flat reply he leaves, leaving me confused beyond repair.

So this is realllyyyy short but I don't know how to continue the chapter and well I had to get that Harry thing out of the way if you remember a few chapters ago!! Haha please do your thing xxx

No ones POV

Harry and Kate had not talked at all the last week. Harry was busy when the group got together with homework and Kate was always feeling sick ready to leave until she knew he wasn't coming. There avoidance of each other could be seen by a man who had been blind since being an infant. But the group did not voice their concerns because Niall was pleased that the two were no longer so close.

However, the group were become edgy with the idea of loosing Harry and were beginning to grow impatient of Niall not being a man and declaring his feelings.

If Niall could just admit his feelings, not even begin a relationship with Kate, then Harry could come back into the group and know what was going on in everyone heart.

Emma had drifted from her group of boy addicts to slowly begin building friendships with Kate's friends. She had tried to by their friendship and act fake to win their hearts, but Kate soon stopped that trend.

Kate's POV

It was becoming tiring ignoring Harry so much, but Niall was happier. I wasn't going to complain to Niall of his overbearing happiness with the matter, but it was rather irritating. I refused to talk to the girls about it because I didn't want to start drama in that group so I went to who I believed had an idea on the group but was not to related. Not yet at least.

"Oh, hey Kate" she smiled warmly and she opened the door.

"I need some advice" I say with a meek smile. She nods and let's me into her dorm.

"What can I do for you?" She asks sitting next to me.

"So you know Harry?" She nods in reply "Well Niall believes he likes me, more than just a friend. We haven't spoken for over a week now and he always finds a way to get out of group activities. I don't want to cause a rift in the group, but this is not something I want to happen." I say letting out a sigh

"Look Kate I think you just have to be honest. Say your just friends and everyone really misses him. Make him come back with the clear boundaries." She smiled shyly, I'm sure proud of her advice.

"Thanks Emma. But when?"

"Well lucky for you he's coming over with Kye to avoid your group nights. So just stay for a little he will be here" Emma replied with a shrug. We stayed in her lounge talking about anything and everything. It felt good to talk with her again, she was my first friend here.

Emma and I were in the middle of laughing hysterically when the door opened revealing Harry and Kye.

"Oh I thought one of the other girls were here. Glad it's Kate" Kye said laughing as he walked over to Emma to hug her.

"What are you doing here?" Harry almost growled.

"Harry this is ridiculous you can't keep avoiding your group! I know it's me and I'm sorry if I led you on but we are just friends, you and everyone else in this place knows who I like. Can you please just come back we all miss you." I plead.

After what felt like forever his lips parted every so slightly. "Okay. I'm sorry" his tone was so low I could barely here his words but I knew what he said.

"Come on let's go meet up with the gang." I replied with a smile.

Guys this is such a shitty chapter I'm sorry. I feel like my writing is terrible like it's not that good cause I'm concentrating in everything haha sorry guys!! Xx

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