through the dark

One Direction (vampires unfamous)
Annie's parents were killed. She watched them die. What happens when Annie meets a group of vsmpires will she fall in love or will she die?


5. Chapter 5

 Annie's POV: I woke up with a thirst for blood I walked into the bathroom and I was super pale and had dark red eyes. I'm a vampire i'm what destroyed my parents I thought to myself. Louis came in and gave me a cup of deer blood I drank it. I had to go to soccer so I went through the alley. I felt a hand go over my mouth with a rag and I blacked out. I woke up in the warehouse. "So I see you're a vampire now." Harry says. "Well for this to be more interesting i'm going to have to unchange you." He said and bit into my neck sucking out the venom. Then he tied me back up. "To Make this even more fun i'm going to set up a video camera so Louis and Niall can watch this live." He said then he set up the camera, turned it on, and slammed my head into a wall. I blacked out.


 Louis' POV: We were chained down forced to watch a screen showing Harry and Annie. "Oh ya Louis I turned her back to human so this would hurt more." Harry said into the camera. Annie was tied up and knocked out from Harry hitting her head on the wall. Niall looked super pissed. Harry stripped Annies clothes off and started raping her. Hekept going until there was a ton of blood on the floor. I felt terrible for Niall and Annie. Niall was chained up forced to watch his sister get hurt. I wanted to save Annie and kill Harry. He finally finished and put her clothes back on. She started waking up. "Oh good you're up." Harry said. He untied her and she tried to stand up but fell her lower body was completely numb. Harry punched her in the face then brought out his friends Zayn and Liam. Then Drew came out! All 4 of them were kicking her chest, ace and gut. It was horrible she started puking blood passed out. When she woke up she couldn't move they moved her and chained her to a board. She cried out in pain. Drew brought out a knife and gave it to Harry. "What do you have to say to yourself?" He asked her. "Please stop hurting me." She whispered. She could barely talk she was in so much pain. Harry started digging into her arm with the knife. She screamed and Drew smacked her in the face. "Niall, Louis!" She shouted. "They can't help you,they are chained up being forced to watch this right now." Harry told her. "In fact we might hurt Niall too." Harry said. "No! Kill me I don't care but please dont touch them!" She shouted. "NO! ANNIE NO! DON'T SAY THAT!" Niall screamed. Harry started cutting her above her eyebrow. She screamed again. Drew punched her in the gut and she threw up blood again. Niall was crying. Harry started digging into her arm again she screamed and once again was punched in the gut. He started cutting the vain on her wrist  she screamed and he pushed harder. Harry un-chained her and threw her across the room at the wall. She hit it hard. "NIALL! LOUIS! HELP ME!"She screamed as Drew started kicking her again. That was it I had to save her but I couldn't. "Scream for them one more time sweetheart I dare you." He said. "Louis Help!" She cried. He punched her in the face and she blacked out.


 Niall's POV: It was horrible what they were diong to my sister. They brought in a tall clear tankk of water. When Annie woke up they chained her up and put her in the water. They would hold her nder water and I could see her struggling, gasping for air and they would pull her up right before she passed out. They ept doing this. Louis got so angry he broke free and started running to the warehousethey chained a heavy brick to her and let her sink and they all left. She was standing there underwater unable to reach the surface. I saw Louis run in and pull her out. He was pissed  they left her there. She was about to die. I watched him change her to a vampire again. I broke down crying.

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