Little White Lies

"Don't. Niall! Don't!" I screamed as I saw Niall, fighting with Karl Dardison, my bully. "I know now, Amber, and I can't resist the fact that you've been bullied." I shouted, "Niall, it's okay! Please come back! Get away from him..." I cried as I saw Niall fall to the ground.


4. Meeting Rob and Jeans

Amber's P.O.V. 

I walked slowly into the house. Karl was probably mad at me for not coming quick enough. Mrs. and Mr. Dardison were at work, so Karl had a perfect chance to hit me. 

Karl was sitting at the kitchen table, smoking. 

He said, "Why did you come so late?" 

I said, "School ended late." 

He smirked. 

"Likable story. Tell me the truth." 

He walked to me and punched me to the floor. 

"I didn't do anything. I just walked home slow, that's all." 

Karl kicked me and said, "Whatever. Let's go. Rob and Jeans are waiting." 

It was obvious it was that Rob and Jeans were Karl's bully friends. I didn't even bother to ask. 

He dragged me outside the house and to the dump. Two tall boys with hair that was dyed in many colors. 

They had so many earrings, so I couldn't count how many there were. They had several nose rings. Tattoos were all over their bodies. I was so shocked. 

The one with blue, green, and red hair said, "Is that your new girlfriend Enissus? You should get a new tattoo." 

I stared at the boy, scared. 

Karl said, "Jeans, I would, soon enough. And she is my new girlfriend. Isn't she a beauty?" 

So that boy was Jeans. But why did Jeans call Karl Enissus? It was Karl, not Enissus? It was probably to make him look scarier and meaner. 

The other boy, who was probably Rob, said, "Yup. She is a beauty. What's her name, En?" 

Karl answered, pulling up his sleeves and revealing his scary tattoos, "Alex. At least, I think." 

So he didn't even remember my name. But I decided to play along. 

Rob said, "So how is it like being Eni's girlfriend? How perfect is it? I bet you'll be happier with me. Why don't you be mine?" 

I said, shivering, "First of all, he's not my boyfriend. And he'll never be! I hate him! I hate you guys! You guys are criminals!" 

Karl picked me up and threw me down on the hard floor. He punched me and kicked me. 

Grabbing my shirt, he said, gritting his teeth, "You're my girlfriend! I told you! Kiss me right now! I order you! You don't have a choice... Kiss me right now!" 

I shook my head. 

"Never. I don't want to kiss you, Karl Dardison. You make me sick." 

He hit me. Rob and Jeans laughed. 

"Nice, En. Punch her in the stomach. Teach her a lesson." 

Karl punched me hard in the stomach. I cried. It hurt so much. Then, Karl, Jeans, and Rob left, leaving me. 

Suddenly, I heard my phone buzz. It was a text message. From Niall. 

Hey Amber, are you okay? 

Niall was so sweet... I stood up and answered: 

I'm fine, Niall. I'm fine. 

It was a lie. But it was a little white lie. I had to tell him that. Niall might get worried. I could handle it. I could handle being a punchbag every day. 

But I know that if Niall was a true friend, he'll try to help me. 

I wanted help, but I was worried that things will get all tangled up and things would get worse. 

Niall sent me another text. 

Are you sure? You seemed sad when you went home.... :( 

I sighed and answered. 

Yeah, I'm sure. I gotta go. See you tomorrow. 

I didn't even wait for Niall to answer. Instead, I brushed the trash off of my clothes and went home. I took a shower and changed into some other clothes. 

I wiped off the blood on my skin and stared at the bruises. I wondered how I would keep the boys from seeing those wounds. 


Niall's P.O.V. 

As soon as I arrived home, I texted Amber. She kept it short. She didn't let me talk so much. It was as if she was hiding something big. 

I had to find out. 

What was it that she was hiding? But everything would have to wait until tomorrow. What could I do right now? 

Sighing, I called Liam and told him that I'm coming over. He sounded surprised but told me to hurry up. 

I walked to Liam's house, slowly. I wouldn't tell them that I texted Amber. Then they might get her number and start texting her. 

But I loved her. Probably more than anyone else. 

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