Little White Lies

"Don't. Niall! Don't!" I screamed as I saw Niall, fighting with Karl Dardison, my bully. "I know now, Amber, and I can't resist the fact that you've been bullied." I shouted, "Niall, it's okay! Please come back! Get away from him..." I cried as I saw Niall fall to the ground.


1. Make Me Proud

Amber's P.O.V. 

"Make me proud, Amber. Make me proud.... Remember that I love you." 

I stared at my father as he said that. I was going away to Ireland. Oh great... 

I said, staring down at the ground, "Bye, Dad. I'll see you some day, I guess." 

That was a lie. My dad was sending me away to get rid of me. He doesn't like me a bit. A waste of money was what he called me. Not in my face, of course. 

But I heard him, whispering his plans of trying to get rid of me. 

He's in luck because a school in Ireland decided to take me. I've never seen him so happy. 

"Bye bye, Amber. Have a good time." 

I murmured, "Yeah right." 

I sighed and went on the airplane. I didn't know what I did so wrong in my life to be this unfortunate.

First, my dear mother had died a year ago. My father was a wicked man and never worked. And he hated me.

At first, he locked me in my room for days. But now he told me a week ago that a school in Ireland had decided to take me.

He told me that I'll be staying with the Dardisons.

They sounded mean. My father would never let me stay with nice people. He'll want me to suffer.

 On the plane, I was squished between two fat women with screaming babies.

I was pretty sure my dad did that on purpose, too.

When the flight finally ended, I was very glad. I quickly ran out of the plane.

There, three people were standing there. They looked pretty nice. That was a surprise.

The woman said, "You must be Amber. I am Mrs. Dardison. That's my husband-"

She pointed at the friendly looking man next to her.

"And that's my son Karl. He is two years older than you, but, I know you two will get along great"

To be honest, Karl looked pretty handsome.

He said, "Sup Amber. I'm Karl Dardison."

I said to him, "Hi, Karl. Nice to meet you."

I followed the Dardisons to their car. It was a fine car. Karl had his comic books everywhere at the back.

Mrs. Dardison crossed her arms as she saw those comic books.

"Karl! How many times have I told you to clean up? This is a total mess."

He rolled his eyes and said to his mother, "No way! It's all perfect for me! You make me sick, Ana!"

Mrs. Dardison shouted, "Karl Oliver Dardison! What did you just tell me? How many times have I told you not to call me Ana?"

That's when I began to find out what kind of person Karl Dardison was.

It was uncomfortable enough riding in the same car with him. But when we arrived at their house, things got worse.

It was a tiny house. It looked like there were like only two rooms or something.

Mrs. Dardison said, "Amber, our house is quite small and there are only two rooms. You and Karl would have to share a room. Don't worry, we tried to make it into two separate rooms.... It's fine. You'll enjoy staying here. Karl isn't that bad."

I murmured, "Thanks, Mrs. Dardison. I really appreciate that you are letting me stay here."

Mrs. Dardison smiled and told Karl, "Karl, please show Amber where her room is."

Karl murmured, kicking the floor, "It's my room. Not her room."

His mother gave him a stern look and said, "Karl, be nice."

I didn't need Karl to show me where it was anyway. It was so close from where I was standing.

Karl led me into the small room anyway. It was so small! It was small in the first place, and since now it was separated by the "fake" walls, it looked like a tiny dressing room.

Karl shut the door and said, "Since you are going to stay in my room, you are going to be my girlfriend. You are going to make my friends jealous of me. Kiss me when I tell you to. It's not a choice. If you don't, I'm going to kill you."

I wanted to run out.

Instead, I said bravely, "No, I won't. I hate you. I don't want to be your stupid girlfriend."

Karl was about to hit me when he stopped.

"I'll let you know who I really am as the days pass."

Sighing, I walked into the tiny bathroom and locked the door. It was the only place in the house where I could have some privacy and be alone.

I knew my days were going to be horrible. It may be worse than living with Dad.

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