Little White Lies

"Don't. Niall! Don't!" I screamed as I saw Niall, fighting with Karl Dardison, my bully. "I know now, Amber, and I can't resist the fact that you've been bullied." I shouted, "Niall, it's okay! Please come back! Get away from him..." I cried as I saw Niall fall to the ground.


3. Fighting Over A Girl

Niall's P.O.V.

I saw the prettiest girl ever today. Her name was Amber. She had beautiful long blonde hair and dreamy green eyes. 

Harry and Liam seemed to like her, too. And I wondered what the note that Liam gave to her said. 

Amber seemed to be hiding some secrets. Big secrets. She bit her lip when I asked her about how life was for her. 

It was as if she had to hide the truth. But I was going to find out. And she had told me that she was busy today. 

What would she do? I mean, we didn't have any homework and she doesn't live with her parents. I don't think she'd go shopping with the people who she live with or something. 

Liam said, "Is it just me or is Amber hiding something?" 

Harry watched as she walked away. 

"She is hiding something. It's as if it's a huge secret." 

We all stared at her as she walked out of sight. She didn't look too thrilled to go home. Was something bothering her? 

Harry asked me, "Did she give you her phone number?" 

I nodded. 

"I want to text her today. Isn't she lovely? She is just perfect for me." 

Harry said, "Niall, Liam and I came to Ireland four years ago because our parents thought it would be nice to live in Ireland. We are the guests, so one of us should get her." 

Liam shook his head. 

"No, no, Harry. Amber's mine. She loves me. Can't you see it?" 

I shook my head. 

"Harry, as you said, you came to Ireland FOUR years ago. You're not a guest now. And Liam, I didn't really see that she liked you. What was it that you gave her?" 

Liam stared down at the floor when I mentioned that. 

"Nothing much. Don't be nosy." 

Harry raised an eyebrow. 

"You're hiding something, Liam. You know we'll find out soon enough." 

Suddenly, a boy laughed. It wasn't Harry or Liam. I turned around and saw who it was and laughed. 

"Hey Zayn, what's up?" 

Zayn had come to Ireland two years ago. He was a great friend of mine. 

"Just trying to find Louis. What are you guys doing?" 

Harry answered for me, "Talking about who deserves Amber." 

Zayn raised an eyebrow. 

"Who is this Amber?" 

Liam answered, "This super pretty girl that we met today. She's new here." 

Zayn laughed. 

"Why are you discussing that? It's Amber's choice who she gets to date. Idiots." 

When I thought about it, Zayn was right. We didn't get to decide. Amber did. 

Suddenly, I spotted Louis coming out of the school building. Zayn ran to him. 

"Louis! I found you! Haha! I win!" 

Then they both walked to us. 

"Let's go to Liam's place and play some video games. I'm just so bored from school. Mr. Palvin was giving his stupid speech."

We laughed and starting walking to Liam's house. 

Everyone else but me seemed to be talking about video games. But all I was thinking about was Amber. 

What was she hiding? 


Harry's P.O.V. 

Amber was in my mind. Her beauty was just.... astonishing. Never had I thought that I'll meet someone that beautiful. 

But it looked like she liked Niall. I would not loose hope, though. Girls are mysterious. If I act nice enough to her, she may start to like me. 

I know that Liam like her, too. The way he looked at her. Of course Louis and Zayn hadn't fallen love with her yet, but when they meet her, I know they'll immediately fall in love. 

Niall seemed to be thinking about Amber a lot. Usually, when we are talking about video games, Niall is very excited and talks about them endlessly. 

But today, he just walked next to us, not saying a single word. I don't usually say that much about video games in the first place because I stink at them, so today, I, too, ended up thinking about Amber. 


Liam's P.O.V. 

Harry and Niall didn't talk at all about video games when the others were. It was odd because Niall always talked a lot. 

He didn't even tell us that he was hungry! 

I bet that Harry and Niall were thinking about Amber. I loved her, too, but it was very unlikely that she'll like me. 

I sort of have trouble expressing how I feel about them to girls. So unless the girl really likes me, I can't get the girl as my girlfriend. 

I asked Niall, "Niall, what are you thinking about? This is very weird, you know. You didn't even tell us that you're hungry!" 

Niall suddenly looked up. 

"I'm not hungry right now. And it's not your business what I'm thinking about." 

Everyone gasped. Louis looked like he was about to faint. Zayn froze at that spot. Harry's eyes widened. 

Harry said, "This is the first time you aren't hungry! What's up with you, Niall? Are you sure you're feeling okay?" 

Niall looked at us and said, looking annoyed, "I'm fine, Harry. And stop looking so shocked you guys. You know what? I'm going home. I have something to do." 

We were all silent as he walked away, to his own house. 

I said, "Since when did Niall hate video games?" 

Louis said, "He doesn't hate video games, idiot. He's thinking about something important." 

Harry said, "He's thinking about Amber." 

It was obvious. We continued our way to Liam's house, talking about Niall's strange behavior. 

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