Drunk In Love

A girl falls in love with a guy that ends up cheating on her.


2. The Morning After..

Chapter 2.

The Morning After

When I woke up I looked at my phone all i saw was messages from my mom, obviously because I'm only 17 and I live in New Jersey, the bad New Jersey! 

Mom, I think you can stop now..

He must have felt me wake up because he woke up right after me.

"Hey babe."

He kissed me roughly making me fall back on the bed.

"Eww stop you have morning breath!"

I laughed.

I saw something sticking up under the cover, "Alexis, are you horny?"

"Of  course I am, I just woke up to the most beautiful girl in the world!"

I hopped on top of him and started kissing him, that led to me stripping down naked and him too. 

As he put himself inside of me, his mom walked in.

At first we didn't see her and I was moaning so loud for like 2 minutes and she was standing there watching and listening.

When I turned around I was so embarrassed.

I got down so fast and slipped myself under the cover.

"Um, hi Mrs.Graham."

"Hi Michelle."

"I was going to ask if you guys wanted something to eat, but you guys looked busy."

"Mom, can you just leave we'll be right down."

I got up and walked to the bathroom, Justin watched my butt as I walked.

"Ayee, you little perv, looking at ma ass!"

"Well I put my dick in that ass last night , so looking at it isn't that bad!"

"Haha oh so funny!"


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