Drunk In Love

A girl falls in love with a guy that ends up cheating on her.


1. That Night..

Chapter 1.

That Night We Met....

It was at club 23 and he caught my eye I don't even know how but it just happened.

"Hi," i said confident, but at the same time very nervous.

"I'm Alexis, I saw you looking at me from across the room," he said.

When you run into the guy that you absolutely love and he  says i saw you looking at me from across the room, it makes you sound like a creep. So I just stood there silent.

 He broke the silence by saying, "You want to dance?"

"Of course.." I said.

Us dancing in the club...

My lips were tempting me to kiss him but i was scared, but he wasn't of course!

Us kissing in the club...

This all lead up to a very interesting night!

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