Drunk In Love

A girl falls in love with a guy that ends up cheating on her.


3. Face 2 Face

Chapter 3.

Face 2 Face

When we finally made our way downstairs, there was so much food on the table. I was in food heaven.

All I had was some ham and pancakes. I wasn't really a big eater. After I was done I went upstairs. Mrs. Graham was in need for some groceries so I told her I would go for her. Since Alexis was still eating I told him he could stay. 

I went to get dressed, since I wasn't going anywhere important this is what I wore:

I went in the kitchen and Alexis was done so he decided to come with he was wearing:

As soon as we got outside we shared a very passionate kiss, I decided to put it on Instagram:

Caption: Me and my baby, I fuxkin luv him! <3

When we got to ShopRite I saw someone that I thought I recognized but it could'nt be, so i walked up to her, and it was her. We were standing there face to face...

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