Heart To Heart [Narry Fanfic]

Niall moved from Mullingar, Ireland to Holmes Chapel, England to have met some great friends. Two years later he develops feelings for his friend Harry Styles. Highschool is hard enough as it is but when he comes out to his friends who knows if everything will work out smoothly?


5. Chapter 5: Push And Shove

Niall POV:


I turned around at least 5 times during class, Harry didn’t look very happy,  wondered why.


The bell rang and we went our separate ways, Harry had English next while I had Physics. We shared first period History, third period psychology and Math fourth this semester but we have not gotten our course schedule for next term yet.


“Nialler” Zayn shouted.


“What Zayn? You sexually frustrated?” emphasizing the last part because Perrie was within hearing range, just for fun.


“Shut up!” knowing that Perrie could obviously hear him.


“Don’t worry we could always find you a suitable boyfriend” I giggled.


“Oh you wish! You could get your hands on all of this!” Zayn rubs his hands up and down his body awkwardly making everyone stare.


“Nothing to look at folks, just a weirdo who touched himself in public”


“Bloody Fuck!” Zayn swore at me.


“Whatever, you totally deserved all that”


“What? Why? What did I do wrong?” Zayn said nervously while knitting his brows together



“Your just a tease” I replied while messing up Zayn’s hair, he hates when people touch it. We just sat quietly until class finished.


Walking into the lunch room in even strides I see Harry and the gang. Harry swirls in his seat and looks at me, scrunching up his face so I can see his dimples, Man I love those dimples. Harry was my own little slice of heaven, even though I had not claimed him mine yet.


Harry POV:


I shifted in my chair and glanced at him. He was so angelic and pure, like a Greek god but with less muscle. I smiled widely at him which shows my dimples, and he scratched his head and grinned as he made his way over to me.


“Where are you? – Carolinexx” I looked at my phone, I totally forgot about the meeting we were supposed to have.


“I got to run” I said and bolted out of the room, Niall looked at me with sad, dreary, puppy dog eyes as I left the cafeteria.


I managed to make it to the parking lot in a couple minutes and scan around to find Caroline. She was leaning against her hot pink beetle playing on her phone.


“Well its about time” she said sarcastically annoyed at my tardiness.


“I totally forgot about it sorry I was thinking about Niall”


“Why do you even care about him? You’re not gay Harry, are you?’


“Y-y-yes I am” I slipped, I actually admitted it.




“GOD! Stop yelling Caroline, why do you even care we broke up forever ago”


“I still love you” she whimpered.


“Well I sure as HELL don’t love you back” as I stared her down.


She moved in closer to me and I thought she was going to slap me, with the look in her eyes I thought I was dead. Her eyes still reading me, trying to decipher the gaze I was giving her in return. And then it happened. Caroline swung me around and pushed me against her car and kissed me hard. I heard a door swing open and pulled away from her to see Niall standing there. He looked so heartbroken, he just stared at me and then at Caroline, then back and forth before he fell to his knees and started crying his eyes out.


Niall POV:


“What is taking Hazza so long?”


“I don’t know, maybe you should go look for him?” Zayn said to me.


“Okay” and I waved at the gang and stepped away from the table making my way towards the door. I headed down the corridor to where our lockers were and didn't see him the re so I thought that maybe he went to get some air? I walked towards the parking lot doors and pushed them open. My stomach felt like it was going to come out through my throat because of what I saw in front of me. Caroline had her arms around Harry, my Harry was snogging him. I felt as if I couldn't breathe, I started panting and sweating then looked to see Harry push her off of him angrily. In the next moment my knees felt weak, my heat was thumping and the tears just started to flow down my face. I collapsed to the ground crying my eyes out not aware that Harry ran up to comfort me.


“Get the FUCK away from me!” I sobbed under my breath.


“Ni-iall I’m Sorry” I heard Harry say as he started to cry.


“Whatever, you broke my heart!” I cried as I picked myself up and ran back into the school. Harry never loved me… it was lies, all lies. How could I have been so oblivious he obviously still liked Caroline and vice versa, so why did I convince myself he actually cared? He never cared about me. He will never care about me.

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