Heart To Heart [Narry Fanfic]

Niall moved from Mullingar, Ireland to Holmes Chapel, England to have met some great friends. Two years later he develops feelings for his friend Harry Styles. Highschool is hard enough as it is but when he comes out to his friends who knows if everything will work out smoothly?


12. Chapter 12: Love And Hate


Niall POV~


$530, that’s how much money I had to do something with, anything I want I suppose. I pull up to the building, an open sign flashing in the front window. I open the door and a bell chimes, “How may I help you?” the lady at the counter says.


“I’m looking to get a tattoo, two actually.”


“Oh, what did you have in mind?” I thought about it for a while, it was stupid enough for me to get a tattoo but then again I was 18, it was legal. I thought about all the emotions I was feeling, so much love for Harry, and hate for the world around us, anyone who would want to hurt us.


“I’ll get love on my left wrist and hate on my right.”


“Okay, just choose your font in this book, I will go get the tattoo artist.”


“Perfect” I smiled.



Harry POV~


Where had he gone? Where was Niall? Those were the only things passing through my head. Hopefully he wouldn’t end up doing anything he regrets. He looked so pained and hurt when he saw people in remorse for Caroline. I completely get why, I felt offended that people would mourn her after what she did to us, and how she treated everyone else at school. But for some reason people still respected her, even though she was manipulative and a control freak. Deep down inside I felt the smallest bit of sadness, but only when I was told she was dead, after I was told why she was dead all those feelings were stripped away.


“Zayn! Louis! Have you heard from Niall at all?” They both looked down at me and gulped.


“Guys, come on! What did he say?”


“It’s more like what he did you should worry about” Louis said.


“What he did? I don’t even know what he did! That’s why I am asking you.


“Check his Facebook bro, everything you need to know will be explained in his new profile picture” Zayn said.


“Did he cut off all of his hair?”


“No, nothing to do with his hair” Zayn replied.


I open up my phone, searching for the Facebook app. As soon as I found it I rapidly clicked the button, the page loaded and I looked up Niall on the browser. His new profile picture was a picture of his wrists. His left had the word love handwritten on it and his right had hate.


“Are these TATTOOS????” I scream at Louis.


“Yes, yes they are. Calm down Hazza its just a little bit of ink.”


“A little bit of ink? Are you guys insane? This stuff lasts forever if you didn’t know!”


“We are very aware of the whole forever part.” They both lift up their shirts to show an L and a Z on each others side.


“When did you get those?”


“Last month, me and Lou have been best friends since we were two, always doing things together so we decided to get our initial on our hips” explained Zayn.


“Well I guess I don’t have the right to flip out” I roll up my tee to expose my black star tattoo I got over the summer.


“So, we all have tattoos, except for Liam. What is the big deal with Niall’s?”


“I don’t know, its different for him, his are visible, you can only see ours with our shirts off.”


“I guess so “ added Zayn.


“Just don’t get so worked up about it, just be thankful he didn’t tattoo your names in a heart or a picture of your face on his butt” Louis chuckled.


“Yeah, don’t worry I am.”



Niall POV~


“There, all done mate!” I looked down at my wrists, the writing looked so graceful and pristine, it was beautiful. But what would Harry think? He doesn’t even know where I went. I go onto Facebook and take a picture of the tattoos, I put them as my profile picture so I can just wait until Harry sees it, he is always on his phone.


Ping! I got a notification, I frown when I see it is from Liam. “Nice ink” he posts, “thanks” I comment in appreciation. Maybe Harry wont be mad? If Liam of all people liked the tattoo I’m sure Harry would be okay with it.


My phone buzzes, I got a text from Louis, and one from Zayn. Harry flipped shit, but then they said he also had a tattoo. “So what did he say?” I texted back, “He actually liked it!” Zayn said, and “He said it suited you” texted Louis. “All good” I sent texts back to both of them, hopped in the car and drove back to pick Harry up from school.


“Harry!” I yell, motioning him over to my car. He runs full force into me and gives me a huge hug.


“I was so worried about you, please don’t ever do that again”


“It’s okay Harry, I wont.”


“So when can I see them up close?” he said, examining the bandages on my wrists.


“I can take them off in the morning.”


“I love you Nialler” he said as he kissed me.


“I love you too Haz!”


“Wait, so how are you going to explain the tattoo’s to your mom?


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