Heart To Heart [Narry Fanfic]

Niall moved from Mullingar, Ireland to Holmes Chapel, England to have met some great friends. Two years later he develops feelings for his friend Harry Styles. Highschool is hard enough as it is but when he comes out to his friends who knows if everything will work out smoothly?


1. Chapter 1: Realizations


Niall POV:


It had been two long years, two of the longest years of my life in which I lived in constant fear. "What will people think" I mumbled to myself, "what will who think" my best friend Liam said as he hopped in the passenger seat of my car. "I am gay Li li"... "Oh well it's about time you came out of the closet" he responded. "What???? how could you have known?" I stated in utter shock. "Nialler it has always been quite obvious, from the way you look at the boys on the football team and the constant longing in your eyes whenever you see Harry".


Harry Styles, my Hazza. Wait he wasn't mine he didn't even know I was gay or that I had the slightest interest in kissing his full pink lips. Gah! what was I even thinking, he could never like me. all these years we have gone to school together I doubt he has really even noticed me. Living in Holmes Chapel has been nice ever since I moved from Ireland in my 10th year. Everyone was really loving and accepting when i came to school here, I have a great group of friends; Liam, Louis, and Zayn all of which have stuck with me since the beginning. 


I have always known I liked guys, as a young lad I would attempt to steal kisses from my friends which would obviously protest because it wasn't the "norm". Growing up in Mullingar didn’t seem to suit me that well, yeah sure I was Irish but none of that really mattered if out of all your mates you were the only gay one. No one ever accepted me after I came out so my mother, my brother Greg, and I decided to move to Holmes Chapel. The two years I have been going to Holmes High have been marvelous, made 7 great friends Zayn, Perrie, Louis, Eleanor, Liam, Danielle, and last but not least Harry Styles.


Harry POV:


Blue eyes, all I could see were is piercing blue eyes. BEEP BEEP BEEP! My alarm went off, time to go to school I thought. Why was I dreaming about blue eyes? Why was I dreaming of him? I put on some blue skinnies, and a white shirt, grabbed my beanie, and stormed downstairs for breakfast. “ Hello Mom, and Gemma…” “Harry acknowledge your sister with some respect” “Fine, good morning… Gemma” I muttered. “See was that so hard?” my mother pointed out. Shit! I was late for school! I gathered up my books, found my keys, and drove off in a hurry. By the time I arrived at school the gang was already there waiting for me. Danielle was sitting on Liam’s lap, and Zayn and Perrie were making goofy faces at Louis and Eleanor, then there was Niall whose eyes lit up when he saw me get out of my car.


“HAZZA!!!” he screamed as he ran towards me and engulfed me in a huge hug. Was it me or did his lips brush my cheek? I must have been just dreaming. “So, it’s about time you got here, you have been late for the past two weeks” Niall blurted, I looked deep into his eyes and said “I know just been sleeping late, need to look beautiful for all the ladies, right? “Y-y-yeah” Niall stuttered. Niall and I were the only guys out of all our friends who were without girlfriends and for some reason he would act really weird whenever someone brought that up. I was very concerned with why he was acting strange so I pulled him aside before class. "Is everything okay Nialler?" "Uhh y-y-yes" he muttered. "No, really you seem very bothered lately, I am just looking out for you bro". "Can we talk in private?" he asked, "Uh yeah, sure" I replied I was worried about him, he wasn't the same energetic Niall I was used to.

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