Life Of A Talented Cullen

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Jalice Rosemett Cullen is the talented younger twin sister of Renesmee Cullen.When the battle comes up they prepare training everybody,including Jalice,with their powers.The battle was stopped when Jalice offers to be the lab rat to the Volturi leaving her family,your best friend,and her true love behind so she can keep her family safe.What happens in The Life Of A Talented Cullen.

All rights go to Stephenie Meyer,only character I own is Jalice Cullen.
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3. ||♥TWO♥||

*Jalice's POV*
        I awoke stretching my arms above my head.I looked over at my bedside clock seeing it read 9:08 am.I sat up throwing my feet over the edge.Alice walked in."Since you're up you get to pick your outfits out.Pick out Nessie's too while I go cook.Don't forget to take a bath."I walked over to our closet picking out our outfits.I watched as Ren woke up."I'm going to take a quick bath first."I grabbed my underwear,light jeans,and striped shirt walking into the bathroom.I took a quick bath I got out and pulled my clothes on brushing my hair out.I walked out allowing Ren to get in.I walked out the the kitchen sitting on the bar stool in front of the island table.Auntie Alice sat a plate full of eggs, sausages,and waffles.I ate and watched as Mommy and Daddy walked in.Ren sat next to me eating her food too.Mommy and Daddy kissed both of us on the for head."We're going to the main house today."I looked up grabbing Auntie Alice's hand'Auntie Alice.I have more than this power.Don't tell anyone.I wanna speak to you and grandpa later...OUT of everyone's reach.'She nodded and picked me up placing me on her hip.Ren got put on Mommy's hip and they ran vampire speed to the main house.I got sat down and ran climbing into Paul's lap.Daddy sat at the piano and Ren sat next to him.He played our song.It was quiet and happy like Ren and I.Ren joined in.It stopped when a loud crash came from behind.My eyes searched Alice's head.My eyes widen.Volturi.I ran to Ren.I kept Eye contact grabbing her hand and putting it on my cheek.I held her hand there showing her what I just saw.'We were born!We are legal to this world.We won't cause damage.'Ren's rage yelled threw my head.I put her hand down."The Volturi..They're coming for us.''My voice rang out the same time Alice's did.As soon as I said it all eyes on me."How many talents do you have Jace?"I looked at Grandpa."Six"Mommy looked at me."What are they?" "Well one you all see communication through touch.I also have mind-reading,the shield,teleporting,mess with your emotions,and I can mutate things with the swift of my hand." "Come show us outside."We stepped out to the backyard.I looked at someone.I went straight into Mommy's head.'How can she mutate things.Edward nor I can do that!'"Mommy's wondering how I can mutate things if her nor Daddy can."She seemed surprised."I have the shield so I can break through yours.Also I have the choise to let someone in"I looked at Grandpa."Edward try reading her mind."He studied me."I can't."I watched as Jasper tried changing my mood."Neither can I."I watched intently at the fireplace.My hands flew up and on of the pieces of wood flew to the other side.I watched as it stayed content.It snapped once i made a snapping motion with my hands."Wow."We walked back in to listen to Alice talk about when the Volturi will come.We will get witnesses to help Ren and I.We will have to show them our memories and talents.They will feel the warmth from our blood and hear the heartbeats they haven't heard for a while.We talked about each person we would go to.Tomorrow Daddy and Mommy were taking us to the Denali Coven.Irina was the one to tell the Volturi about us.I felt a hand on my shoulder and realized it was Alice.She bent down to whisper i my ear."They'll understand."I looked up reading her mind.She was leaving.She put her finger to her mouth telling me to keep quiet.I nodded and looked back to Ren.Her hand squeezed in mine as she kept a sharp look around.'Calm down.Jasper can feel you from over there!We are safe.They'll see.'She looked at me calming a little.I gave her hand a reassuring squeeze as I calmed her down.I let go of Ren's and hand and went to snuggle into Paul's lap.As soon as I sat he calmed down his shaking subsided and his breathing lessened.Ren climbing into Jake's lap.I laid my head on Paul's chest feeling his arm come behind my back protectively.I listened to his heartbeat and let the cool sleep overwhelm me.
        I was standing in front of the Volturi.Ren was showing memoreis to Aro."I want to see the other one.The one you call Jalice."The others hissed as I came out from behind Daddy.My blonde hair and glowing green eyes must have subsided them.I held my hand out grabbing Aro's.I held a steady Eye contact smirking as he read trough each thought,each memory.Even the one where I was strong enough to hurt the whole world of Volturi in one swift hand movement."We'll leave you alone.If we can have this one."I pulled my hand back.I glared at the one who tried causing pain.My hand flew up and she was thrown into her brother instantly."Now Jane.That's no way to treat your sister."I heard like venom come from my father's I mean Edward's mouth.I turned around reaching for Ren.Her hand touched mine.'Run'She nodded slowly jumping on Jacob's back.Leaning into his ear.He took off."After Them!"Aro hand flew up."Let them go.They'll get no where."
        I jumped up out of my bed.I ran to the bathroom washing my face.I sighed realizing it was a dream.I noticed I had been changed into pajamas.I sighed and climbed up on the balcony cuddling under the soft blankets.I looked at the cieling.Grandma,Aunt Rose,and Auntie Alice had paintied my half stars and Rens half clouds.In the middle was half the moon and half the sun.Over the balcony had our names in prety hand writing,Renesmee Carlie Cullen and Jalice Rosemett Cullen.I laid there staring for a while.I got down around 7:45.I sighed remebering Alice was gone.I laid out Ren and I's outifts.I slid into my black tights then put on the matching tank top.I then made sure my cardigan was on right and buttoned.I pulled on a pair of socks then my boots.I brushed my blonde hair out and parted it so my bangs were on the left.I put the beanie on my head and walked out waiting for Ren.I saw Paul asleep on the couch.Ren came out an hour later dressed and ready.We smiled and left a small note for Paul telling him we went to the main house.I grabbed Ren's hand and we teleported to the back door of the main house.I smiled and oped the door.We walked in seeing mommy and daddy getting everything ready."Morning girls."We smiled and sat on the couch."Okay we are going to the Denali's now let's go."We followed them out to the car.I sat in my green car seat and Ren sat in her Blue one.Paul and Jacob climed in also.We started going once Mommy got in.I watched the trees fly by as we drove to the a field so I could teleport them and the car..Ren's hand held tightly to mine as they car stopped.I looked at her.I hand grabbed the car door handle,daddy grabbed the car as well as mommy,Jacob held ren's hand and Paul's,Paul held mommy's.I closed my eyes and concentrated on the roads of Alaska.Soon I felt the car and a huge woosh.It was shaking and as soon as that happened we were on a deserted road close to the house.I saw the tress stop moving along with the car.Daddy got out.I tried to listen but I didn't have strong hearing like Ren.Daddy nodded."Time to meet them."We looked nervously at each other."What if they don't like us?"Paul and Jacob looked like they just got hit with a bus."They'll love you.It's hard not too."Jacob got Ren out and Paul got me.Instantly they hissed fighting off.My eyes shot to one of them sending them back as my hand went up."They were born not bitten.You can see the color and hear their heart beats.Feel their warmth.Bella and I are the biological parents."One stopped."I feel it."Daddy waved us forward we walked together,Ren and I  had our tiny hands clasped together.Ren pulled her hand to his cheek mine grabbed his.We shared our birth memory together.We pulled back and he looked astonished."This is Renesmee and Jalice."We smiled."What other powers do you have."Daddy answered for us."Renesmee only has one but Jalice has six.Jalice.Show him."I concentrated on a rock.My hand flew up and it flew up it slightly made a gesture and the rock cracked."What else."I could feel the anger raising off one of the girls.I looked at her my mind flowing the word Relax repeating.She seemed to calm.She looked at me."Wow."I smiled.Kate walked up to me her hand up.Daddy stepped forward."I'm okay."I raised my hand and let her grab my wrist.Electricity flowed through her I could feel and see it.I didn't feel the physical pain."She's a shield."I smiled and searched one of their heads.I pointed at the girl next to Kate."She wants to know what Irina has to do with all of this."She seemed surprised."Jalice go sit with Paul or catch snowflake's."My eyes lit up and I teleported to Paul.I grabbed the bottom of his shirt."I'm gonna catch snowflake's"He watched as I jumped and caught a few them melting in my hand after a few minutes.Soon we were back in Washington the Denali's following.Once we were home Ren and I jumped out and went inside to change into our pajamas.We ran to Rosalie's room her holding our pajamas.I grabbed the purple and blue pair and slid off my beanie the slid off my boot s and cardigan.I pulled off my socks and tights then slid on my shorts.I slid off my tank and pulled on my pajama tank.I smiled and walked down to the living room seeing Mommy and Daddy leaving again.They walked over and hugged Ren and I.'We're getting more witnesses."I nodded and hugged both of them then curled up into Paul's side.Ren laid on the floor next to Jacob.I soon fell asleep.

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