Life Of A Talented Cullen

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Jalice Rosemett Cullen is the talented younger twin sister of Renesmee Cullen.When the battle comes up they prepare training everybody,including Jalice,with their powers.The battle was stopped when Jalice offers to be the lab rat to the Volturi leaving her family,your best friend,and her true love behind so she can keep her family safe.What happens in The Life Of A Talented Cullen.

All rights go to Stephenie Meyer,only character I own is Jalice Cullen.
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13. ||♥TWELVE♥||

        I took another sip from the Styrofoam cup as Alice put the contacts in.Grandpa Charlie was coming over.He knew about the rest of the family and the vampire shit but didn't know about me which meant I'll tell him later after the fight the no one will tell be about."Blink"I started blinking putting contacts in place."Now for make up!"She yelled smiling.I groaned loudly.I was her doll today.She had dressed me up and now was doing my make up and hair.After Charlie leaves we're going shopping for Ren and Jake's wedding."Close your eyes.''I obeyed and felt her run the eye shadow brush over my lids,along with the wet eyeliner felt tip."Open."I opened and she ran the eye shadow under my eye then the pencil eyeliner.Next mascara."Done."I looked in the mirror and my eye makeup matched."You're lips are just needing some lip gloss."She made a face and I copied it.She applied the lip gloss and went to work on my hair.An hour later she was "Done!"I smiled and ran my fingers through the freshly done loose waves.I hugged her."Thank you."She smiled.We walked out and down to the living room.Grandpa was already here.Ren walked in considering her heels were to high to even think about skipping."Jalice!"I hugged him and smiled."You look 18 now."I nodded.'Come's with the half immortal thing."He did an awkward laugh and hugged Ren."You girls.Why are you dressed up." "Alice is taking us shopping.Mom will be as dressed up as us later"He nodded and right then I heard Mom and Dad's laughs a few minutes before they walked in.As if I was right Mom had been all dressed up too.Ren and I stifled our laughs.She still glared at us and hugged Grandpa."Alice dress all of you?"We all nodded wrapping our arms around our mates' waist."I've said this once to Jacob so I'm say the same to Paul.Break my Grandaughters heart and there won't be no more were wolf."I gripped his waist a little more and glared at him."You'd have to get through me first.Honestly if he broke my heart each and everyone one of this family would rip him shreds."Ren held up her hand.''I SAID THAT HI FIVE"I connected my hand with hers getting a clapping noise out.I smiled.After a while Grandpa left."Again Paul remember who and how many you have to deal with if you break my grandbabys' heart."Paul nodded.I smiled and he walked out the door."I think he's covered it"Mom said.I smiled even wider."Bye baby"I said kissing his cheek and following Mom,Alice,and Rosalie out.Ren was next to me.We got out into the garage and looked at each car."I'll drive mine"I said walking over to the purple porsche Alice got me a few days ago."Ren can ride with me." "Then I'll take Rose,Bells,and Esme"Alice said."Okay.Port Angeles?"Alice nodded.We got in the cars and Alice opened the garage door we zoomed out and I followed Alice down the road."So how are you and Jake?"I asked my sister"Great.My ring is just precious.He got this ring because he's a russet colored wolf and I'm his little diamond.How about you and Paul"I smiled."Great.He forgives me for the whole Alec thing and all.He's really sweet and was planning on taking me out tonight."She squealed."I'm dressing you!"I laughed and turned on the radio.I put down the top and got to a passing zone and passed Alice.A few minutes later i pulled into the parking lot of one of the various strip malls."Ready?"I asked putting the top up and turning the car off."Yeah."We got out and I locked the car."There!"Alice pointed out a wedding store we walked over and walked on in."Welcome to Junie's Wedding Store I'm Junie may I help you?"Alice nodded."Yeah we need dresses." "Whole package.'We looked at Ren."Yes"She smiled.'Follow me.'We followed her and came to a room that was filled with dresses.They had signs above them,flower girl,bridesmaid,bride,and maid of honor."Who the bride?' "I am,my name is Renemee' "Can we see the ring?"She held out her hand and Junie smiled."Beautiful so a nature wedding?"Alice nodded."Yes it's a fairy wedding with nature accents." "Who's the mother?"Esme raised her hand."Really?" "She's my foster kid along with her two sisters"She put her hands on mine and my real mom's back."Oh.Maid of Honor?"Ren pointed at me so I stepped forward."Over there are your dresses choose one try it on and come to us.Bride's here and bridesmaid."Alice,Rose,and Mom walked over to the maid of honor."Do you have a dress?"Esme nodded.We went through tons of dresses before finding the right ones.Rose,Mom,and Alice matched it was weird seeing my mom in a dress but I'll deal with it.I sighed and looked at Ren as we pulled out of the parking lot."Don't go and get pregnant we want you to fit into that dress."She smiled.''If I do it would be a fast growing hybrid of human,wolf,and vampire.Weird right."I nodded."Yeah.I'd be the god mother right."She smiled."Yea."She smiled and we soon got home.We snuck the dresses into Alice's room and hung them where Jasper would NEVER look.We didn't need the guys looking at them."Daddy!"Ren and I yelled hugging him."What do you need?" "To stay out of each girl's minds so you will not see any plans."He shrugged."Maybe."Ren glared."It's a surprise." He sighed."Fine!"Ren smiled and threw her hands around his neck and hugged him again."He there."I heard in my ear and turned around to face Paul."Ready for our date?"Ren gasped."No,she's not.ALICE,ROSE,MOM!"They soon came running."We have to dress her."We walked upstairs and I groaned.


>>Ren's engagement ring>>


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