Life Of A Talented Cullen

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Jalice Rosemett Cullen is the talented younger twin sister of Renesmee Cullen.When the battle comes up they prepare training everybody,including Jalice,with their powers.The battle was stopped when Jalice offers to be the lab rat to the Volturi leaving her family,your best friend,and her true love behind so she can keep her family safe.What happens in The Life Of A Talented Cullen.

All rights go to Stephenie Meyer,only character I own is Jalice Cullen.
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4. ||♥THREE♥||

I woke up to more vampires watching me and Ren cuddled up to the wolves.I felt uncomfortable with the red eyed vampires.I stared at the vampires getting up nearly tripping over Ren and Jake."Are you Jalice?"I nodded he smiled and held out his hand.I watched as he manipulated with the waterfall like thing we had."Wow."He smiled."I heard you were pretty talented too."I smiled and nodded and looked around."Mhhm.Watch this."I closed my eyes and felt the woosh.I opened them once I felt my feet on the ground.They were looking around."Over here!"I said from behind the Piano bench.My hands laid on the keys.I played the melody I've heard so many times.Baby's Lullyby.Daddy made it up.I watched as my hands dance delecally on the keys."Amazing.I'm Benjamin."I smiled."I know."He seemed confused."I can read minds."I grabbed his hand and kept contact.'And sometime's people can read mine'I pulled back and he seemed intriged."And she's your mate,Tia.I can see why.She's beautiful."If she could she would be blushing.Amun walked up to me."You are talented."I nodded."Thank you Amun."He looked a me."I can also mess with your emotions,a sheild,and to mutate things."He nodded.I smiled and skipped off to the kitchen.I saw even more red eyed vampires."Hi."They all watched as I walked over and climbed up on the counter and pulled a cup down.As soon as I got off the couch Ren walked in awkwardly walking to me."Get me one."I nodded and climbed back up only to feel Ren's cold hand on my leg.I looked down.'Yes?'She shook a little as I grabbed her cup an got down.Herhand went to my cheek as soon as I got down.'Can we go find Grandpa.'I shook my head.'You can'She smiled and walked off.I sat on the counter a little ways from the two coven's in here."I'm Jalice."One smiled and raised her hand."I'm Zafrina."I smiled."Who's she."She looked back."Senna."I smiled."What are your powers and don't say you don't.You're the Amazon Coven.Daddy told me about you."She smiled.I watched as my surrounding turned to the forest."You can manipulate what I see."The both nodded and quit.I looked at the three red-head's."I'm Maggie."The youngest said."I'm a lie-detector.Where did your sister o."I looked back."She went to go find Grandpa and possibly the rest of the family."She nodded.The man held out his hand."I'm Liam and this is me mate,Siobhan.She had enhanced strength,I've got the normal vampire things."I nodded and grabbed my glass and filled it with milk.I waved and teleported to the living room only to see mommy sneaking in with someone."I'm Jalice."I said sipping from my straw.And stooped to my level and I grabbed his hand showing him some of my newest and latest memories."He smiled at me and watched as Ren ran down the stair's."Mommy!"She yelled laughed.I watched as Benjamin chased her.He stood up once he noticed my family."You're Garrett."I said pointing at him."I can read minds."I said.Daddy let out a frustrated sigh."Please put your sheild down.It's annoying enough I can't read your mother's."I stuck out my tongue and ran and jumped on the couch teleporting mid-air to teleport still falling infront of the couch rather than on.I fell over rather than standing.I stood up."I have to work on that."They all laughed."He Ren let's go get dressed!"She followed me pstairs to Alice's room.I sighed and found a note.'Jace,Nessie.Your clothes are sorted by you height and personalities in my closet.'We smiled and walked in.I went to 4'8 and talented but crazy.Ren went to 4'9 and quite but smart.We grabbed simular outfits and changed.I pulled my hair into a pony tail s did Ren.We walked back downsairs seeing Mommy and Daddy talking outside.Jacob had new pack members.I ran up to Alistair."How are you little one?"I smiled."Good.You?" "Same."I smiled and went around.Soon I was watching Jacob,Paul and the new pack chase something into a tree.I saw two other vampires.I watched as they jumped down."We aren't fighting."I said.Stefan's eyes flew to my green ones."I don't want any of you risking you lives for me.Even if they start it.I can change their mind.I have Jasper's talent and could use it.Or I could just snap Aro in two then they'd have to man down at my feet."Everyone stared at me as a tree snaped.I looked over."Oops."My voice wasn't childish it was more of an on=pupose oops.I teleported inside the cabin.I ran stright to the library and sat on the white chair making sure the doors were locked.I put my sheld up and screamed.It was a sound proof room like every other room in this house.I laid down and closed my eyes.
        I woke up looking around,still in the library."Jace!Jace!Jalice!"I heard from outside the house.I looked out the window seeing everyone searching."Nessie,Paul is she still here?"Ren nodded."Yeah I can feel her."I teleported to the bedroom and grabbed an outfit.I pulled my ponytail down and teleported back to the Library hearing the door handle shake.I striped down ad quickly changed and crouched under the desk in here.I watched as the door opened and I saw Paul and Ren's shoes.I watched as Paul stepped closer.I teleported outside quickly to a tree right about Stefan and Vladmir."I wonder which twin the Volturi want.I teleported behind the rock they sat on."Most likely Jalice.She's the talented one."I looked down my arm had been bleeding.I quickly covered it and blew on it trying to make it stop.I closed my eyes and Teleported to on top on the main house.I saw everyone looking around for the scent of blood.I watched as it stopped.I ripped my already ripped sleeve and tied it around my wound.I teleported into the main house into Alice's room.I locked the door and ran into the closet grabbing pajamas.I took a bath in the connected bathroom and changed.I brushed my hair and pulled it into a bun.I curled up in Alice's bed and fell asleep.
        I woke up an hour later.I saw Renesmee in the bed next to me."I found you."I smiled."Know one knows.At least not for another nine hours.We both giggled and went back to sleep.

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