Life Of A Talented Cullen

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Jalice Rosemett Cullen is the talented younger twin sister of Renesmee Cullen.When the battle comes up they prepare training everybody,including Jalice,with their powers.The battle was stopped when Jalice offers to be the lab rat to the Volturi leaving her family,your best friend,and her true love behind so she can keep her family safe.What happens in The Life Of A Talented Cullen.

All rights go to Stephenie Meyer,only character I own is Jalice Cullen.
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6. ||♥FIVE♥||

      "I'm tired!"I complained again.Alec shot a glare at me which I happily returned.Me being half human I don't have the speed so Aro asigned Jane,Alec,Felix,and Demetri to walk with me."You are annoying you know."I looked at Jane."Oh quit being twins will you!"Felix chuckled.I started playing with my Olympic coven necklace and looking at each surrounding,again nothing but tress and snow.I widen my eyes."I have foxes.I left them there."Alex sighed then stopped causing everyone else to stop and turn to me."We are not turning back." "You don't have to.I can teleport."They all glared at me."You can telport.We could've been at the castle by now."I looked at Felix."Stay here.I'm getting my foxes."I closed my eyes and teleports to the trees by the field.I saw my family raked into a circle dry sobs echoing across the field.Ren's tears actually falling as she held Jacob's neck and cried into the russet fur.I looked down and teleported o the campsite.Paul was there staring at the foxes.I walked up hugging him.He had already phased back to human.He jumped and turned around and wrapped his arms tightly around me."I'm gonna miss you kid."I nodded and kissed his cheek.I grabbed the cage and teleported back."She's a child Alec!"I came to view."Got them!"They jumped.I smiled.Jane stared at them."Why do you have foxes?"I looked at her."I can."I rolled my eyes."Where is the castle?" "Voltera,Italy."I closed my eyes and teleported and about an hour of exploring I walked to the fountain seeing the vampires entering the gate."Dear there you are."I smiled."Yep!"Jane grabbed my arm and led me into the castle.I was pulled into the throne room only to see each of the vampire I saw lined by the wall."Dismissed."Jane and Alec bowed taking spots Felix and Demetri following.I sat my foxes down and stared at Aro.He looked over my outfit."Not proper.Heidi dear go with her to get her dressed."I looked at the woman you stepped out of line.She was wearing a perfect red dress that stopped mid thigh with black shiny heels,her hair was pulled back into a bun much like Jane's.She walked out.I followed her to a room."This is where you stay."She said."Sit."I sat on the velvet things at the end of the circular leather bed.She opened double doors and walked into what I guess was my closet,shoes on one side and clothes on the other.I watched as she skimmed the shoes choosing high tops that were to die for.She then chose my outfit then my jewelry. She handed me the outfit.I slid off my outfit then put on the new one.She fixed it a little then slid the belt around my waist.I slid on the dark blue high tops then sat in front of the vanity.She started curling my shoulder length hair.She turned my chair to do my makeup.I stood up and looked in the mirror.That was not me.She smiled and led me back to the throne room. Aro smiled."Better.Now Jalice these are the guard,Jane manipulative pain,Alec sense deprivation,Felix superior strength,Demetri Tracking sense,Heidi Physical Attraction,Afton Mental Invisibility,Chelsea Afton's Mate she has relationship manipulation,Santiago improved speed,Corin Addictive Contentment,Renata Physical Attack Diversion,My wife Sulpicia basic skills,Caius' wife Athenodora basic skills.You have?"I looked at the ones introduced."I can teleport,manipulate all things,I have a shield,I can show people my memories or thoughts through touch,mind-reading,and pathokinesis."Aro stared at me."Kill Valentina."I looked at the girl who had just walked in."But Master you said you would-" "Kill her."I sighed and raised my hand.She was human so this was gonna be bloody.In an instant my hand made a choking motion.She reached up and struggle once it took to long I let go she fell to the floor gasping."Quit!"She said.I motioned a cutting motion and her dress ripped around her stomach as it poured out blood.I walked up to the throne's as the guard fijited as the blood pour from her as I sliced more."Eat."They all attacked the pool of blood once Aro let them.It smelled nice but I drink animal blood and eat human food.I'm not changing my ways.The finished and I thought the body was teleported to the dungeon like Aro told me.I walked back to my spot."Next.Manipulate Jane's feeling toward you."She way annoyed that I was special."You shouldn't be annoyed."I said as I changed her mood watching her laugh and smiled.I smirked as everyone stared at her."STOP!"She said through fits of laughter.I calmed her down."Amazing."Put your shield up.Alec use your powers."I sighed and held it up watching as the black mist fell from his palms it came to me I looked around."Can you hear me still or see me."Perfectly clear."Alec pulled it back and I let my shield down."Read someone's mind"I ran through each guard's mind stopping at Alec.I chuckled as he thought of me."So blood singer huh Alec?"His eyes went wide."I know."I looked at Aro who summened Alec.Alec sat his hand into Aro's.Aro actually smiled."Forward."I walked forward."I want you to have a conversation Via mind."I looked at him and grabbed Alec's hand.'You know.You should really calm down.It's weird feeling your emotions.'He chuckled.'For an almost three year old you look thirteen.It's cute.'Did I mention Aro was listening by holding our hands'You should really be nicer.It's a lot more attractive.'I threw a wink at him causing him to roll his eyes.'Good thing I can't blush.'I laughed and pulled back looking at Aro."Amazing!When's your birthday and how old will you look?" "I'll look seventeen and it's September 10th.I'll stop growing and changing.I'll look seventeen but be three.Then I just quit.It's the vampire in me.''He nodded."Excused!Alec can stay with you."I smiled and skipped off to my room.I opened the doors and sighed jumping onto the bed and laying down."Do you know if I have anything colorful in that closet?"He closed the door and shook his head sitting on the velvet chair things.I sighed again and got up opening the two doors and walking into my closet finding pajamas.I walked out."I'm taking a shower.You can stay here."He nodded and laid back.I walked into the bathroom.I sat my clothes on the counter next to the sink.I grabbed a towel and sat it on the counter by the shower.I turned on the water and started stripping down.I took off as much makeup then got in the shower.After the shower I wrapped the towel around me and checked my face the makeup was gone.I slid on my underwear then my pajamas.I slid on my slippers then pulled my hair up.I walked out and Alec was still there.I smiled his eyes were closed.Hmmm let's tap into his mind.I went and sat down on the bed next to him.He opened one eye and held his arms out.I laid in between them my head on his chest my arms wrapping around his torso while his wrapped around mine.This feels wrong.I'm supposed to like Paul but I'm supposed to love Alec.I tapped into his mind.'Jalice is perfect.This is wrong though.She's a Cullen.She needs Paul not me.What if I'm confused?'I tapped out and closed my eyes.I felt myself drift off into a slumber.
        "Wake Up."I opened my eyes and looked at Alec.I got up and walked into my closet.I looked at all the black and red clothes."I need more colors."Alec came in slightly laughing.I grabbed a skirt and crop top along with a pair of pattern stockings.I went to the rest room and changed.I did my hair and makeup then went back to my closet grabbing hoop earrings and a pair of white flats.I put on the flats then put on the hoops and checked my reflection.I turned around and smiled at Alec.He smiled and grabbed my hand.We walked to the throne room.Aro smiled and Alec took his spot."Aww Jalice.Today Alec and Jane are taking you too visit the Cullens.Get your stuff and say your goodbyes."I nodded."Well you can teleport to Washington."I nodded.Jane and Alec grabbed my hands and I teleported to the battle field.I started walking to the house.Alice would see me coming.I put up my shield and spread in so it covered Alec and Jane.I stopped at the end of the woods."Stay."The stayed as I walked up the back porch.I opened the sliding door.All heads snapped to me.Ren ran over to me and hugged me."I'll help."I nodded and walked to the cabin with her.We started packing my stuff."I wish I could stay but..."I looked out the window,Jane and Alec stood there talking."Them."Ren finished

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