Another Me

Daisy is a nineteen year old girl and lives with her father and stepmother. Daisy and her stepmother aren't as close as Daisy hoped to be and gets abused by her. Eventually she decides to walk away from home.

When she's walking through the town she meets a lovely lady who's willing to take care of her. She gets to meet her daughter and they become best friends. She also gets to meet her son and for a moment she thinks everything has fallen into place. But that's going to change...


7. Work Day

I wake up by my alarm and open my eyes. I turn the alarm off and get out of bed. I pick out an outfit and take a shower. When I’m finished showering I get dressed and go to the kitchen. “Hi sweetie, how did you sleep?” Anne asks and smiles, pouring tea in a mug. “I’ve slept alright. I was still very excited about my outfit so I woke up a few times.” I say, sitting down at the table. Anne laughs softly and gives me the mug. I smile at her and take the mug, sipping at the tea. About a minute later Gemma and Harry come in. “Good morning.” he says, smiling at me. “Morning Harry.” I say, smiling back at him. I take another sip and smile at Gemma as she sits next to me. “Is it okay if Alfie’s coming over today?” Harry asks and looks at his mom. “Of course!” Anne says and smiles. I smile as well and Gemma looks at me. She scoots over to me and starts whispering. “Do you fancy Alfie?” she asks with a smirk. “No, of course not!” I say and Harry and Anne look at me. “Is anything wrong?” Anne says and I shake my head quickly, smiling. I nudge Gemma softly as she giggles and I drink my tea. Anne finishes making breakfast and puts it on four plates. She puts them on the table and we all start eating. When we’re done Gemma pulls me with her and I laugh softly, trying not to stumble. I get my bag and we walk outside to Gemma’s car. We get in and Gemma drives us to ‘British Vintage’.

When we arrive Gemma and I get out and walk inside the store. “Hello girls.” Annabel says and smiles at us. “Hi Annabel.” Gemma and I say at the same time and laugh softly. “Flora is ill today so I need you to do the cash-register, if you want to.” “Sure, but I don’t really know how.” I say and Annabel laughs softly. “I’ll teach you.” she says and Gemma walks to the back. Annabel and I walk over to the cash-register and she explains what I need to do. “Did you restock my outfit?” I ask Annabel and smile wide. “I did.” she says and I smile wide. “They were gone so fast so they must really like them.” she says and I smile. “So cool.” I say as Annabel smiles and walks to the door. “Do you understand everything?” “I do!” I say and Annabel smiles, opening the door. Maisie comes downstairs and smiles. “Already doing the cash-register I see?” she asks and smiles. “Yep! Flora isn’t here and Annabel asked me to do her shift.” I say and smile back. “Amazing! She doesn’t do that often. Anyway, I’ll help you some time of the day so you can go to Gemma. She said she needed some help.” Maisie says and I nod. “Of course.” I say as someone walks over to the counter. She puts the clothes she picked on it and I scan everything. “That will be forty twenty-two.” I say and smile as I put everything in a bag. She hands me fifty pound and I give her the change and the bag. “Bye love, have a good day.” I say and the girl smiles “Bye, you too.” she says and leaves the shop. I help a few more people with their clothes as Maisie comes in. “Gemma needs you.” she says and I nod, smiling at her. I walk to the back of the store and Gemma looks up. “Help me!” she says and I walk over to her. “What’s wrong?” “The outfit isn't right.” Gemma says and I sit down next to her. “Alright, this needs to go.” I say, grabbing an eraser and erasing something from the outfit Gemma drew. I put the eraser down and get the pencil. “A few lines here.” I say and add some lines to the drawing. “What about this?” I ask Gemma, showing her the drawing. “That’s what it needed! Thank you.” Gemma says and smiles at me. “No problem.” I say and smile as well as I go back to the cash register. 

“Are you ready to go?” Gemma asks me when our shift is finished. “Yes!” I say, smiling as we both go outside. We get in the car and Gemma drives us home. “Don’t start anything with Alfie, alright?” Gemma asks me as we get out of the car once we arrive home. “What’s wrong with Alfie?” I ask Gemma with a confused look and Gemma looks back at me. “He’s a—” Just then the door opens and Alfie smiles at me. “Hello girls.” he says and smiles at us. “Hi Alfie.” Gemma and I both say and smile back. Gemma and I both walk in and go to the kitchen. Gemma makes us some tea and we both sit down. “Shall I ask my friends if they want to come for the high tea then?” Gemma asks me and I nod, smiling. “Yes! I would love to meet them.” I say and Gemma smiles, handing me a mug. “Great.”

“How are you girls doing?” Alfie asks as he and Harry join us at the table an hour later. “We’re fine.” Gemma says and smiles. “I heard you’re meeting the boys from One Direction tomorrow.” Alfie says and smiles at me. “I am! I’m really excited.” I say and smile wide. “I see.” Alfie says and we both laugh. “I’m sure they’ll like you.” Alfie says and Harry chuckles. “I know they like you. They’re just as excited as you are.” Harry says and I laugh softly. “Are they coming over or do I need to go somewhere?” I ask Harry and smile. “Well, if you want to hear us sing live you should come to the mall at one o’clock and we could do something fun afterwards?” Harry asks and smiles. “Sounds perfect. You do realize you need to do your best tomorrow then?” I ask and Harry and I laugh softly. “I’ll sing like an angel, just for you.” he says and sticks his tongue out at me. “Harry, could we talk privately for a minute?” Alfie asks suddenly and Gemma and I look at each other, both raising an eyebrow. Harry nods and follows Alfie out of the kitchen.

Harry’s POV

“Harry, could we talk privately for a minute?” Alfie asks out of the blue. I nod and see Gemma and Daisy look at each other. I chuckle softly and follow Alfie out. I close the door behind me and look at Alfie. “What’s up, mate?” I ask him and he looks back at me. “Is it okay if I ask Daisy out on a date?” he asks and I raise an eyebrow. “Of course. I mean why wouldn’t it be?” I ask and Alfie shrugs. “Because she lives with you and all. I thought I should ask you first.” he says and I smile. “Go ahead, but you need to be careful with her. She’s been through enough.” I say, getting a bit protective over Daisy. “Of course.” he says and smiles. “Thanks mate.” Alfie says and smiles, heading back to the kitchen. I smile and when the door closes I start frowning. I should have said no but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I can’t forbid him to ask Daisy out on a date. I know what he’s done in the past and I’m not happy about it. I just hope he’ll treat Daisy right, if not things will get a little messy around here. I know Alfie is my best friend but Daisy is such a sweet girl and I feel like I should look out for her. We’ll see how it goes.

End of Harry’s POV

Harry walks back into the kitchen, frowning slightly. I start frowning as well and Harrys looks at me, giving me a smile. Something’s wrong and Harry’s not happy about it. I smile back at him and he sits down. “Shall we cook something for dinner?” I ask Gemma and she nods, smiling at me. We both stand up and look in the fridge. Harry and Alfie stand up as well and leave the kitchen. “What the hell was that about?” Gemma asks and gets something out of the fridge. “It must have been something bad. Did you see Harry when he came back inside?” I ask Gemma and she nods. “I’ll try to ask him once Alfie is gone.” Gemma says and I nod.

Gemma’s POV

Harry comes back inside and frowns. He looks at Daisy and gives her a quick smile. Something’s up and I want to know what. I look at Alfie, who’s smiling at Daisy and Harry, who’s looking down. I think I already know what this thing is about and I’m not agreeing with any of it. “Shall we cook something for dinner?” Daisy asks me and I nod, smiling. We both stand up and look in the fridge. Harry and Alfie stand up as well and leave the kitchen. “What the hell was that about?” I ask and get a pack of potato slices out of the fridge. “It must have been something bad. Did you see Harry when he came back inside?” Daisy asks and I nod. I’ve definitely seen it. “I’ll try to ask him once Alfie is gone.” I say and Daisy nods. Daisy get something else out of the fridge and we start cooking.

“Bye Alfie!” Daisy says as Alfie leaves the house. Alfie smiles at her and drives away. This is going the wrong way. “I’ll be in the kitchen in a moment.” I say and Daisy nods, heading back to the kitchen. I walk upstairs and knock on Harry’s door. “Come in.” he says and I open the door, storming in. “Do you realize what you’ve done?” I ask Harry and he looks at me. “I couldn’t say no Gem, I know I should have but I couldn’t.” he says and I shake my head. “She’s been through so much Harry! Do you want her to get heartbroken as well?” I ask him and he shakes his head. “He’ll break her.” I say and look down. “No, he won’t.” Harry says and I look up. “Harry, she likes him.” “I know, I know. It’s obvious, but I’ll be here. You’re always by her side. What if he really likes her? She’ll be even more heartbroken when we tell her she can’t be with Alfie.” Harry says and I sigh. “I just don’t think he likes her and he’s just out for some fun. He hasn’t been dating anyone for three months now.” I say and Harry frowns. “We’ll have to keep an eye on Daisy but especially Alfie.” Harry says and I nod. “Believe me, I don’t want her to get hurt either.”

End of Gemma’s POV

Gemma walks into the kitchen and smiles at me. “Is everything ready?” she asks and I nod. “Great. Harry will be here in a minute.” Gemma says when she gets three plates. “Are you alright? You seem a bit down.” I say, frowning slightly. “Just tired from today.” Gemma says and smiles at me. I smile back at her and Harry comes in. we put everything on the plates and sit down around the table. Harry looks down at his food and Gemma seems to be deep in thought. I wish I could help them with whatever is going on in their minds. We stay quiet for the rest of the meal. I would say something but I honestly have no idea what to talk about. And besides I don’t want to interrupt their thoughts. When I’m done I look at Gemma and Harry who are still deep in thought and sigh softly. I stand up and put my plate away. I walk out of the kitchen and see Harry and Gemma are frowning at each other. I walk to my room and change into something more comfortable before laying down in bed. Tomorrow is the day I meet Harry’s band! I hope he’ll have cheered up by then.

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