Another Me

Daisy is a nineteen year old girl and lives with her father and stepmother. Daisy and her stepmother aren't as close as Daisy hoped to be and gets abused by her. Eventually she decides to walk away from home.

When she's walking through the town she meets a lovely lady who's willing to take care of her. She gets to meet her daughter and they become best friends. She also gets to meet her son and for a moment she thinks everything has fallen into place. But that's going to change...


5. Harry's Back!

When Gemma wakes me up she starts laughing softly. “I don’t think the floor is that comfortable.” she says and I look around, noticing I’ve fallen out of bed. We both start laughing and Gemma helps me up. I walk to my room and change into my new outfit. When I walk into the kitchen I see that Gemma’s also wearing her new outfit. We smile at each other and sit down at the table. Anne gives us a few pancakes and we start eating. “I must say, these are the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever eaten!” I say and smile wide. “Thank you, darling.” We finish our breakfast and Anne and I give Gemma a hug. She grabs her car keys and gets into her car, driving away. Anne grabs her car keys as well and walks outside. I follow her and we get into the car. Anne starts the car and drives to her restaurant. When we arrive we walk to the back of the restaurant. Marco has made a lot of things! “Here, taste one!” he says when he hands me a sandwich. I take a bite and smile wide. “This is amazing.” I say and Marco smiles. I eat the rest of the sandwich and Anne and I get everything into the car. “Thanks for everything Marco.” Anne says. “No problem! Have fun.” Anne and I get into the car and go back home. We get everything out of the car and put everything in the living room, along with soda. Then the doorbell rings. I open the door and a tall guy is standing in the doorstep. “Hello.” I say. “Hi. I don't think we've met?" he asks and smiles. “No, we haven't. I’m Daisy.” I say and hold out my hand. He shakes my hand gently and chuckles softly. “I’m Alfie, Harry’s best friend. I came a little earlier to help you and Anne.” “That’s really nice. Come on in.” I say and he gets in. I close the door and together we walk to the living room where Anne is still placing some food. “Hi Alfie.” Anne says. “Hi Anne. Do you need help with anything.” “Yes! Could you get the rest of the plates out of the kitchen?” Anne asks him and he nods, walking to the kitchen. A few minutes later more friends of Harry arrive and I introduce myself to them. When everyone’s here Gemma texts me that they’re almost here. “Okay guys, they’re almost here!” I say as everyone smiles and follows me to the corridor. A few moments later the door opens and Gemma and Harry come inside. “Welcome home!” everybody shouts as they see Harry. Harry looks around and laughs softly. He hugs his mom first and then hugs his friends. Then he hugs me. I giggle softly and hug him back. “You must be Daisy.” he says and smiles. “I am!” I say and smile back. “Gemma’s told me a lot about you already.” “Really? All good things I hope?” I say and we both laugh. “Of course!” We smile at each other and follow the rest to the living room. I talk a lot with Harry and also with his friends. Then suddenly Alfie sits next to me. “Hi Alfie!” I say and smile at him. “Hey Daisy! Are you enjoying the party?” he asks me and smiles back at me. “I am! Harry’s friends are really nice.” “I bet they are!” “Tell me about the band he’s in.” “One Direction! He’s in the band with four other lads. Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. They’ve got amazing music.” “Do they? I’ve never heard any of their music.” “Here.” Alfie gets out his phone and earphones. I put the earphones in and he puts on a song called Midnight Memories. I listen to it and smile wide. “It’s amazing, I love it!” He lets me hear more songs and then puts his phone away. “So, what do you think?” Alfie asks. “It's awesome.” He smiles at me and then it's time for everyone to go. Everyone hugs each other and leaves. When everyone’s gone we clean everything up.

“Are you still taking us out for dinner?” Gemma asks me and giggles. “Of course.” We all get into Gemma’s car and Gemma drive us to a lovely looking restaurant. We get in and find a table. We sit down and wait for a waiter. When a waiter walks over to our table we order our food. “So, Gemma told me about your new job. Could you show me your outfit?” Harry asks, smiling. “Of course!” I show him the outfit and smile. “It’s amazing!” he says and smiles. Our food arrives and we eat our dinner. When we're finished I pay for it and we go back home. When we're back Anne make us tea. We sit down around the table and drink our tea. “What did you think of the welcome back party?” I ask Harry. “It was great! I loved seeing all my friends and it was nice to finally meet you.” he says and smiles. “Aww, I thought so too! Well I'm going to go to bed. Goodnight!” I say and smile, standing up. They all say goodnight and I go to my room. Today has been great. Harry's is really nice and so are his friends, especially Alfie. He was so sweet! Anyway, tomorrow is the big day! I can't wait, and I'm so excited. I get in bed and close my eyes. Before I know it I've drifted off to sleep. 

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