Another Me

Daisy is a nineteen year old girl and lives with her father and stepmother. Daisy and her stepmother aren't as close as Daisy hoped to be and gets abused by her. Eventually she decides to walk away from home.

When she's walking through the town she meets a lovely lady who's willing to take care of her. She gets to meet her daughter and they become best friends. She also gets to meet her son and for a moment she thinks everything has fallen into place. But that's going to change...


3. A Job

I wake up at 7 AM. When I realize no one’s awake yet I go into the kitchen. The least I can do is make them breakfast, right? I look around and find some eggs. I get a pan and start making a nice breakfast. An hour later, when I’m putting the last plate on the table, Anne and Gemma both come into the kitchen. “Daisy, this is wonderful!” Anne says as she sits down. “It’s the least I could do for you. Plus today I’m going to look for a job to pay you everything back.” “Oh Daisy, you don’t have to!” “I do.” I say and Anne smiles. Gemma also sits down and I do the same. “Oh about the job I had in mind for you, I told them about you and they’re really excited!” Gemma says and smiles wide. “Really? That’s amazing. But what is it exactly?” I ask and Gemma laughs softly. “Oh, right. You should guess!” “Ehhm, a magazine shop?” Gemma smiles and shakes her head. “A bookshop?” “No! It’s a clothing shop.” “Are you serious?” I start smiling wide and Gemma nods. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I say and Gemma and Anne laugh. “We can go there at one o’clock.” “Thank you so much Gemma.” “You’re welcome!” I give Gemma a hug and we finish our breakfast. We all get dressed and Gemma and I get our books, magazines and pencils. We sit down and I draw some more outfits while Gemma sticks different outfits from magazines in her book. When it’s almost twelve o’clock Anne has to go to work. “I’ll drive you girls so you can have lunch and dinner at the restaurant and Daisy can tell me how it went. How does that sound?” “That’s lovely! Thanks mom!” Gemma says and gives her mom a hug. We all get in Anne’s car and drive to the restaurant. When we arrive Anne opens the door and lets us in. We help Anne with the tables and a few minutes later the chef comes in and a few waiters. “Marco, could you make us some lunch please?” Anne asks her chef. “Of course. The usual?” Anne nods and smiles as Marco goes to the kitchen. We sit down at a table and the waiters go to the back to get themselves ready. A few minutes after the waiters came back Marco brings us our food and some water. We eat our lunch and talk about when Harry comes back. “I think we should have a welcome back party with all of his friends. And we could make things to eat with Marco!” Gemma says and smiles wide. “That’s a great idea!” Anne says and I agree. I get a pen and some paper. “What should we make?” I ask them. “Sandwiches!” Gemma says and I write it down. Marco joins us and together we write some things down. When we’ve written some things down Gemma and I stand up. Anne gives both of us a hug and Marco wishes me luck. We go outside and walk to the shop she was talking about.

“Here it is!” she says as we arrive at a little store called ‘British vintage’. We go in and Gemma asks for Annabel, who is the manager of the store. A few minutes later she joins us. “You must be Daisy. It’s nice to meet you!” she says and shakes my hand. “It’s nice to meet you too.” I say and shake her hand gently. “Gemma has told me wonderful things about you. Do you have your portfolio with you?” I was really nervous but Annabel is so nice! I get my portfolio and show it to her. She nods and closes it. “I think I have something for you.” Annabel says and smiles. “What would you like better, making the outfits our come up with outfits and draw them?” I gasp softly and look at Gemma who is smiling brightly. “I’d rather come up with outfits and draw them.” I say while looking back at Annabel. “Perfect! Then you can start now! Gemma will help you out.” Annabel smiles wide and I look at Gemma. “Gemma?” Gemma grins and giggles. “I kind of work here too.” “And you do the same?” Gemma nods and smiles. I hug her tightly and she hugs back. “This is amazing!” We smile at each other and walk to the back of the store. We put our bags down and get our portfolios. “Well, the best thing is that you create your own outfits!” Gemma says excitedly. “Yay! Finally!” I say and we both sit down at a table covered with paper and pencils. Gemma and I both get our portfolios and start drawing a few outfits. “Come over here!” Gemma says and I get up, walking over to her. “Pick two.” she says and smiles. I look at her drawings and see some really good ones. “These two!” I say as I hold up two drawings. “Great, and now yours.” “Mine aren’t as good.” I say as we both walk over to my drawings. She looks at the drawing and also picks out two drawings. “Are you crazy? They are amazing!” Gemma says and smiles wide. We get our drawings and walk back to Annabel. Gemma gives Annabel her drawings. “Lovely! Can I have yours hun?” Annabel asks me and smiles. I give her my drawings. “They’re really good!” Annabel says and smiles wide. “Follow me. Maisie will show you what we’re going to do with the drawings.” she says and walks upstairs. Gemma and I walk after her and Gemma smiles wide at me. We arrive at a big room and all I see is fabric and people making outfits. “This is where we make our outfits.” Annabel says and walks over to someone. “This is Maisie.” she says and Maisie smiles at us. “Hi girls. You must be Daisy! It’s nice to meet you.” “It’s nice to meet you too.” I say and smile back at her. Annabel hands the drawings over to Maisie. She looks at them and smiles. “Wonderful drawings! I’ll show you the process we go through while making the outfits. I’ll start with one of your drawings.” Maisie says and walks over to one of the girls. “Iris, can you start making this outfit?” Iris takes the drawing and looks at it. “Of course!” she says and takes another chair. I sit down and Gemma smiles at me. Annabel, Gemma and Maisie go downstairs again. “This is just a denim jacket, right?” Iris asks me and I nod. “Then I’ll start with that. Can you get the fabric?” “Of course.” Iris smiles at me and I get the fabric. I walk back to Iris and she starts measuring and drawing things on the fabric. When she’s done I cut everything out while she starts with the top. When I’m done I hand it over to Elsa, a girl who does the sewing. She looks at the drawing and smiles, starting to sew everything together. I walk back to Iris. “Which pattern do you prefer?” Iris asks me. “Ehhm, I think the left one.” “I thought so too!” Iris says happily. We decide what the top should look like and Iris draws the lines again. When she’s done I also cut it out. When I’m done I give it to Elsa again and Iris and I start on the skirt. We have a really good time and at the end we make sure everything is perfect. We lay everything down and Gemma, Maisie and Annabel come upstairs. “Are you finished already?” Annabel says. Iris, Elsa and I nod quickly, smiling at each other. They walk over to the outfit and smile wide. “It’s beautiful!” Maisie says and Annabel nods. “We’ll make more of these outfits this weekend and it’ll probably be in the shop by Monday. Gemma gives me a tight hug and I squeal softly, hugging her back. “We’ve also come up with a schedule for you.” Annabel says and hands me a map. “Everything you probably need is in here.” “Thank you.” I say and smile back at her. “Well, enough for today. Everybody go home!” I quickly take a picture of my outfit and follow everybody out. Gemma and I walk over to the restaurant where a lovely dinner is waiting for us. We sit down at the table and Anne joins us quickly. We eat dinner and I show Anne my outfit. “It’s gorgeous!” Anne says and smiles wide. “Annabel said it’ll probably be in the store by Monday!” Gemma says and smiles at Anne and then at me. “That’s great news! We should celebrate!” Anne asks for a waiter and a few minutes later a bunch of little cakes have been put on the table. “Aww Anne, it’s just an outfit!” I say, giggling softly. “No, it’s amazing!” Anne says and smiles as Gemma starts eating. Anne and I both laugh and eat as well. When we’re done we get ready to go home again. We get into the car and Anne drives us back home. When we get home I put on Harry’s hoodie and Gemma puts on hers. We both go into the kitchen. “Aww, look at you! You look just like sisters.” Anne says and smiles at us. Gemma and I smile at each other and sit down at the table. Anne gives us our tea and we drink it. “So tomorrow we’ll call Harry’s friends and make sure we’ve got everything ready.” Anne says and Gemma and I both nod. “I’ll make sure the house looks ready.” I say and smile. “And I’ll call his friends!” Gemma says and Anne smiles at us, finishing her tea. “Great.” Gemma and I finish our tea as well and clean up our mugs. I say goodnight to Anne and Gemma and go to my room. I lay down in bed and smile to myself. Life is amazing right now. I’ve got an amazing job, Anna and Gemma are so nice to me. I hope it stays like this. Well, I have to decorate the house tomorrow so I better sleep.

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