I Have Fallen Hard (A 2012 One Direction Love Story) (Finished)


17. Nina's POV

~Six Months Later~ 
I was at the house Niall and I bought when the door bell rung. "Hey mom, hey Chris," I greet my mom and her boyfriend as I let them in. 
"Hey sweetie, we have something to tell you," My mom spoke. 
"Well, Chris and I are engaged," My mom tell me. 
A grin bombs my lips, "Oh my gosh! I'm so happy for you two!" I squealed as I hug my mom and Chris. 
"I'm glad. So, I was thinking, that you could be my maid of honor," My mom asked. 
Tears filled my eyes, "I would love too," I tell them. 

It's been two months since my mom married Chris, and she's been very happy, which I wasn't complaining. My hair has finally reached my shoulders, which I was excited about. 
Suddenly, I feel the need to puke again. I rush to the bathroom and began to puke. 
I groaned as I held onto my stomach, 'why is this happening?' I thought. Then a thought hit me, 'I'm late,' 
I get off the ground, go to the store, and by a pregnancy test. 

~Three Minutes Later~ 
My timer goes off, and I go to the bathroom. A grin spread through my lips. 'I'm going to be a mom,' I thought. 
Just then, the door opens. I run downstairs, but freeze as I see a blond girl making out with him. 
A gasp escapes my lips. Niall's eyes flipped open, they were blood shot, "Nina?" He asked. 
"Who are you?" The blond asked. 
"I'm his wife, and you?" I asked, venom dripping from my voice. 
"You're his wife?" She asked slowly, 
"Yes, I am, but I'm not too sure if we will be after this," And with that, I grab my jacket and my keys and walk out the door. 
"Nina wait!" I hear Niall call, and boy did he sound drunk. 
I get into my car and drives off. When I get to my mom's house, I unlocked the door, and let myself in. 
"Mama," I called. 
"In the kitchen," I hear her call. 
I go in and see her and Chris eating, "Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt," I tell them, trying to hide the tears. 
"Nina, what's wrong?" My mom asked. 
"Niall, he came home with a blond chick, they were kissing," I cried. 
"Oh sweet heart," My mom said as she came over to me. She wrapped her arms around me and I cried my eyes out. 
"I was so happy too, and I thought Niall would be too once he found out he was going to be a father, but I guess he wouldn't care," I sobbed. 
"Wait, you're pregnant?" My mom asked. 
"Mhm. I don't think I want him to know though." I tell her. 
"But sweet heart, he's the child's father," My mom told me. 
"I know mom, but he cheated on me," I tell her. 
"I know sweetie, I know," My mom whispers. 
"Would it be bad of me wanting a divorce?" I asked. 
"Not at all, but do you really want to divorce him?" My mom asked. 
I thought about that long and hard. 'He was drunk,' my self-conscious told me. 
'If he did that when he was drunk, he would do that when he's not,' I thought back. 
I sighed, "Yes, I want that," I finally answered. 

~Two Days Later~ 
Niall was upset, but signed the divorce papers, I then told my mom I was moving to America. 





A/N: There will be a sequel.

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