I Have Fallen Hard (A 2012 One Direction Love Story) (Finished)


12. Niall's POV

I wake up with a sad feeling. Today is the four month mark, which means, Nina has one month to live. Tears flooding down my cheeks, I get out of bed and take a shower. 

"Hey Nina," I say to my dying girlfriend. 
"Hey," Nina tells me with a weak smile. 

After several of hours of talking, I realized that I fell in love with Nina. I wanted to tell her that I love her, but I don't want her to feel anymore guilt than she already does. 
Nina is guilty for dying, for leaving us, even though we told her it wasn't her fault, we could tell she still felt guilty. 
Nina's eyes started to shut. "Niall," 
"Yes, love?" I spoke. 
"I just wanted to say I love you." 
Tears swelled into my eyes, "I love you too," I tell her. 
She smiled and fell asleep. 

I stayed until closing, and when they closed, I walked outside where Liam waited. "Hey," Liam tells me. 
"Hey," I say back. 
"You ok mate?" Liam asked. 
I shake my head, "No, I'm not ok. The girl I love is going to die and there's nothing I can do about it." I tell him, tears bursting from my eyes. 
Liam pulls me into a hug. "Why is this happening to her Liam? I don't understand." I cried. 
"I don't Niall, I don't know." Liam whispered 

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