I Have Fallen Hard (A 2012 One Direction Love Story) (Finished)


9. Niall's POV

I was at the park with Niall, just sitting on a bench, no words were spoken, and we just sat there in silence. Suddenly, a young girl and her mother came over, "Hi Niall, hi Nina," She says a smile on her lips. 
"Hey sweet heart," Niall tell her. 
I smile at her, "Hello." 
"Um, I was wondering, if I can have your autograph Niall, you too Nina," She says shyly. 
Shock fills my face, but I said, "Sure," 
"Yay!" She squealed. 
After Niall and I signed her book, she thanked us, and said to me, "I hope you feel better soon." 
"So do I Cara," I tell her. 

~Two weeks later~ 
I woke up with a sickening cough. After several minutes of coughing, I noticed a lot of blood on my hand. "Niall!" I cried, which caused me to start coughing up a storm again. 
Niall rushes to my room, "Nina, what's wrong?" He asked, but before I could answer, fear enters Niall's eyes and he screams, "BOY'S! WAKE UP!" He then rushes to my side and pick me up. 
"Niall, what's..." Harry's voice trailed off. 
"I'm taking her to the hospital." Niall tells Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. 
"Alright, I'll call the hospital and let them know you're coming." Liam tells Niall. 
"Alright," Niall says and hurry's to his car. 

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