I Have Fallen Hard (A 2012 One Direction Love Story) (Finished)


1. Nina's POV

I was at the playground, watching the other kids play with their friends. I let out a sigh. 'Why did we have to move to Ireland anyways?' I thought. I close my eyes and his face immediately popped into my head. I welcomed the memory of my father giving me piggyback rides. That was the last memory I had of him before he went to war. The next think I knew, the memory changed. I was in the living room when the doorbell rang. 'I quickly got up and opened the door. Seeing two soldiers with grim faces, fear entered my face. "Mommy!" I holler. Soon my mother came by the door. 
"Nina sweet heart, why don't you go play upstairs," Mommy told me. I nod and run upstairs. 
Soon I hear her sobbing. "No," I hear her say. 
"I'm sorry ma'am," I hear one of the soldiers say. And right then and there, I knew my father was dead.' 

I jump as I feel a hand go on my shoulder. "Are you ok?" The boy asked. 
I nod. "Why are you crying?" He asked. 
My hands flew to my cheeks, sure enough it was wet. "I-I had a memory." I tell him. 
"Want to talk about it?" He asked sitting next to me. 
I was about to politely decline, but my voice had other plans. "It was the day two soldiers came to my mommy's house, they told her my daddy went missing in action." I tell him. Suddenly, he pulled me into a hug. Surprised I sat there, but a few split seconds later, I put my arms around him, my fingers curling around his shirt. He didn't say anything, he just rubbed my back. When my tears vanished, I pulled away to see other kids staring. I dry my cheeks. "Thank you," I whispered. 
"You’re welcome, I'm Niall Horan by the way," Niall tells me. 
"Nina, Nina Parker." I tell him with a smile. 
"Yes Niall?" 
"Can you be my friend?" He asked. 
I grinned, "Yes," I tell him. 
He grinned too. "Niall?" I spoke. 
"Yeah?" He asked. 
"How old are you? I'm five". I ask. 
"I'm five too." Niall tells me. 

~Thirteen Years Later~ 
I sighed. It's been a little over seven years since I see my first best friend. My mom had a job back in London when I was twelve and I lost contact with Niall. 
I was happy to find he got the courage to join X Factor, now he's in a band. 
A few seconds later, my alarm clock went off. I push the snooze button and get out of bed. Grabbing my work uniform and undergarments I go to the washroom, strip off my cloths, and get into the shower. 
About ten minutes later, I was dressed and ready to go. I look at the floor length mirror, and smooth out my tight light blue tank top, that shows some of my breast, and my tight black skirt that is just above the knees. I never liked my uniform, but I can't afford to lose my job, so I'll just have to stick with it. 
Grabbing my keys, I went to my baby blue minivan. 

About five minutes later I was at Richard's Bar. I walk into the building and get some whistles. I roll my eyes and ignore them. 
"Hey Nina," my best female friend told me. 
"Hey Steph, how are you?" I asked. 
"Pretty good, yourself?" Steph asked. 
"I’m doing well." I tell her with a smile. 
She smiles back. The bell on the door rung, indicating there's a customer. I go to the door and see three boys. One of them had curly red hair and lime green eyes, the one to the right of him had golden brown hair and brown eyes, and the third had brown hair and sea blue eyes. 
"What can I do for you boys'?" I asked. 
"We would like to order some food." The boy with the golden brown hair told me. 
I nod, "Table or booth?" I asked. 
"Booth pleases." The same boy spoke. 
"Ok, follow me please." I tell them and lead them to a booth. 
"Can I get you three something to drink?" I asked 
"I would like some wine please." The boy with the brown hair told me. 
"Ok, I will need to see your ID please," I tell him. 
He got out his wallet, and took out his ID. "Louis Tomlinson?" I asked wondering why that name sounded so familiar. 
"Yeah, that's me." He tells me. I nod and give him back his ID. 
"What about you two, can I get you anything to drink?" I asked. 
"Water for the both of us." The boy with the golden brown eyes told me. 
"Liam, I can order for myself." The curly red haired boy told Liam. 
"Ok, ok, just no alcohol Harry." Liam told him. 
"I wasn't going to Liam." Harry told Liam with a glare. 
"Just order your drink, I'm sure." Liam paused and looked at my nametag. "I'm sure Nina would like to get our orders in." 
"Oh, sorry Nina, I would like Dr. Pepper please." Harry tells me with a smile. 
"Of course, I'll be right back with your drinks." I tell them with a smile. 
A few seconds later the door opened. Me being the only one available, I went to the door where two more boys stood. One of them had black hair and brown eyes, the other had blond hair and baby blue eyes. "What can I do for you boys'?" I asked 
"Food!" The blond haired boy blurted out. 
I bit my lounge to keep me from laughing. 
"We're actually meeting a three of our friends here. Do you know if Louis, Liam, and Harry are here?" The black haired boy asked. 
I nod, "Yeah, they’re here, would you like me to bring you to them?" I asked. 
"That would be wonderful, thank you." The black haired told me. 
"Alright, follow me please." I tell them with a smile. 
When we were next to the booth where Liam, Louis, and Harry were, Liam spoke up, "There you guys' are, what took you so long?" 
"Traffic," The black haired boy told him. 
Suddenly Steph was next to me, "Nina," 
"Yeah?" I responded. 
"Your mother is on the phone, she said it's really important." Steph told me. 
I nod and walk over to the phone, 

~Steph's POV~ 
"Wait, did you call her Nina?" The boy with blond hair asked. 
I nod, "Yeah why?" I asked. 
"Her last name isn't Parker is it?" He asked, hope in his eyes. 
"Yeah, how do you know that?" I asked confused. 
He then grinned, "I'm Niall Horan,-" He started, but I interrupted. 
"Wait, you mean her first friend Niall Horan?" I asked getting excited. 
He nods. 

~Nina's POV~ 
"Hey mom, what's up?" I asked. 
"They found him Nina," She whispered. 
"They did?" I asked hope in my voice. 
"H-he's d-dead." She whispered her voice cracking. 
"No." I whispered. 
"I'm sorry, I am so sorry," My mother sobbed. 
"It’s ok mom, you didn't do it. I have to go; my boss needs to talk to me." I lied. 
"Ok, sweet heart." She whispers. 
"I love you mom." I tell her. 
"I love you too." She told me, I hung up then. The only bathroom was past Steph, but I refused to let anyone see my cry. 
"Nina, you'll never who's here?" She told me excitedly, buying my mask. 
"Probably not, I have to go to the bathroom." I tell her with a fake smile. 
"Nina, what's wrong?" The blond haired boy asked. 
"Nothing, why'd you ask?" I asked. 
"Nina, don't lie to me, I can see right through that mask." He tells me. 
"Mask?" I asked trying to mask my shock, 'How did he see through my mask, no one has ever seen past it before, well except for Niall, but still.' I thought. 
"Nina, what is it? Is it your father?" He whispered. 
Shock filled my face, however, my face soon filled with realization. "Niall?" I whispered. 
He nods. 
"They found him; his body is probably being shipped over here as we speak." I whisper. Steph gasps. 
"I'll be right back," Steph then tells me. 
A few seconds later, she came back with the boss. 
"Nina, why don't you take the rest of the day off," He tells me. 
Luke, my boss is like a father to me, so I wasn't surprised Steph told him. 
I nod my head "Niall, why don't you take her somewhere, we'll meet you back at the house later, ok?" Liam tells Niall. 
Niall nods and takes my hand and leads me out of the bar.

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