Too Beautiful

[This story has other celebs in it] Kenzie Roberts has been in pain for the last 14 years. Ever since she was 3 and her mother passed away her father has been beating her. She cries herself to sleep every night and in the morning she covers up the bruises. She's a turtle in a school, keeping to herself and out of everyone's way. She's afraid to love and afraid to let anyone in. Above all that she's the most beautiful girl in school. She can't see her beauty because of her fathers vicious words. Can one guy teach her that not all men are like her father? Can he show her that she's beautiful? Read(:


20. The Horan Promise.

Kenzie's POV:

Every since last week when Taylor told me to watch my back I have been almost hospitalized ten times. I think the one that scared me most was the flower pot almost crashing into me from the top floor. 

I turned my head to see Niall sitting at the table with Louis and Liam. I started to walk over there but a few seconds later I found myself on the floor. I blinked my eyes open to see Niall hovering over me. I looked at the wall to see food splattered all over it and below was a bunch of broken dishes. He sat up and cuffed his hands on my cheeks then leaned his forehead on mine. He stared at me with his deep blue eyes. 

"Makkie are you okay?" He asked.

"Y-yeah..." I choked out. 

He helped me back to my feet and Elle ran over to me. Louis was behind her looking at Niall with worried filled eyes. I was the number one hit target because I showed Taylor that I wasn't afraid of her. 

"Kenz!" I turned my head to see Paige waving me over. I followed her out into the hall with the others behind me. I heard people whispering about Phoebe. I started to get worried and my feet started walking faster. Then I saw.

She was there, on the ground balled up by the lockers. Justin and some of his buddies were around her laughing. She had bruises on her. Taylor wasn't too far away laughing. Harry wasn't here today. I ran up to the group punching and pushing them away from my baby sister. 

"I warned you." Taylor snorted and started walking away. 

"Hey Taylor." Eleanor called crossing her arms.

"Yes Elle?" She smiled.

"You're kicked for the squad." Her statement made the whole hall gasp. "Be sure to clean your uniform before bringing it back." 

Taylor stood there with her mouth wide open. She looked pissed off. I turned my attention to Phoebe who reached out her hands asking for help. I lifted her back to her feet and she turned towards Taylor. 

"Don't you know..." Her voice was weak. "You should never mess with an Anderson?!" She brought her small weak hand up and flicked Taylor off. 

I decided that it was best to take Phoebe home, plus I didn't want to stay there any longer. When we got home she quickly went upstairs. Mom was at work but James was in the living room with Charlie. 

"Why are you two home so early?" He asked turning his head.

"Some jerks decided to hurt her." I took a deep breath.

"She's being bullied?" 

"No daddy!" Phoebe yelled. "Kenzie is!"

"Are you alright Makenzie?" 

"Yeah..." I mumbled.

"They tried to hospitalize her like eleven times now." Phoebe grunted walking down the stairs.

"Do I need to calll?" 

"No no!" I shook my head. I was about to head up to my room when someone knocked at the door. I wasn't expecting anyone so I was guessing it was for James. I opened the door to see a young male who was my age if not a year older. I was confused on who he was here for until...

"Benjamin!" Phoebe jumped into his arms. "I missed you bubby!"

"Bubby?" I questioned.

"Benjamin is my son." James said coming up to the door and putting his hand on my shoulder. "I had him before I met your mother." 

"He's been visiting his mom for the last year." Phoebe frowned as the boy set her back down. So I have four half-blood siblings and now a step brother. Wow my family just keeps getting bigger. Amazing. We all went into the living room where Charlie jumped on him and soon fell asleep on top of him. 

"So what's your name?" Benjamin asked as James took Charlie up to her room.

"Kenzie.." I mumbled.

"Why didn't Lily mention you before?" 

"I dunno..." 

"So I think I'm going to be going to school with you now Phoebe." He turned his attention on her smiling. 

"I go to school with Kenzie now." She smiled brightly. "I have a lot of new friends now! And I'm on the cheerleading team!" 

They talked about school until the boys got home. Alex and Jack seemed just as happy to have their older brother home. I felt a bit out of the loop so I went up to my room and started writing in my journal with the music playing. A couple of hours later someone knocked on my door. 

"Come in." I said putting my journal under my bed.

"Hey there." Niall smiled as he shut the door and sat down next to me.

"What are you doing here Niall?" I questioned.

"I wanted to make sure you guys were alright." 

"Oh well we're fine." I forced a smiled on my lips.

"And I wanted to make a promise." He muttered.


"I promise that if I'm around you won't get hurt. Neither will Phoebe. I promise love." He smiled softly at me before hugging me.

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