Too Beautiful

[This story has other celebs in it] Kenzie Roberts has been in pain for the last 14 years. Ever since she was 3 and her mother passed away her father has been beating her. She cries herself to sleep every night and in the morning she covers up the bruises. She's a turtle in a school, keeping to herself and out of everyone's way. She's afraid to love and afraid to let anyone in. Above all that she's the most beautiful girl in school. She can't see her beauty because of her fathers vicious words. Can one guy teach her that not all men are like her father? Can he show her that she's beautiful? Read(:


15. Home?

Kenzie's POV:

I decided to move in with my mother. I mean I loved staying with Eleanor and all but I think it was time I was with my mother again. I didn't have many things to take over there because most of them got burnt in the fire. I told my mother this too. Eleanor drove me back to my mom's with a small box only with me. Eleanor felt a bit heart broken but understood how I felt. She pulled up to the house and sat in silence. Then my little brother Jack came running out the door. I opened up the car door and he climbed onto my lap. He stared at Eleanor until she noticed and smiled at him. He giggled.

"You're friend is pretty Kenny." He giggled. I groaned at the nickname. "Can I be your boyfriend?" I looked at Eleanor who started giggling. 

"Jacky I think you'll have to fight Louis her boyfriend for her." I giggled.

"Otay!" He smiled and ran back inside leaving us laughing. Then my mother came walking out with Charlie on her hip. She smiled at Eleanor who returned the smile. Charlie reached out for me which I took her into my arms and she hugged me tightly. I noticed Alex was peeking out behind the curtains. I think Phoebe was the only one who didn't really care about having me here. I bet she'd come out if Harry was here. We walked inside and my mom showed me to my new room. It was next to Phoebe's. I think it used to be Jack's room because now he is sharing with Charlie. 

"You can paint it as you like." She smiled at me while Charlie jumped on my bed. I nodded and she headed downstairs leaving Eleanor, Charlie and I. 

"I'm going to miss having you at my house." Elle mumbled. I smiled at her softly. I noticed Alex pacing back in forth in the hall.

"Do you need something Alex?" I asked.

He popped his head in through the door way. He stared at Eleanor which made her blush.

"She has a boyfriend!" I laughed. 

"Back off my girl Ander!" Jack said running in the hall attack Alex's leg. Eleanor and I started laughing even more until her phone rang. We looked down at it to see Louis's name popping up. 

"Hello baby" She said with a huge smile on her face. "Oh? No I'm with Kenzie and my new boyfriend." I started laughing. "His name is Jack." Jack popped his head up with a smile plastered on his face. "Oh? Let me ask." She turned to me and asked if he could come over. I ran downstairs to ask my mom who was in the kitchen with James. 

"Mom can I have a few friends over for a bit?" I asked.

"Sure sweetie." She smiled at me. James also smiled at me. 

I ran back up to Eleanor and shook my head yes. She told Louis yes and then hung up the phone. Jack was now sitting on Elle's lap with a huge smile. Alex went to his room feeling defeated. After a bit we heard someone walking up the stairs. Then my door opened and Louis walked inside. He had Liam with him today. 

"So who's this new boyfriend?!" Louis commanded. (Can you just picture Lou being jealous?? Ah the feels!) Jack walked up to Lou with a serious look on his face and his arms crossed. 

"I is her new boyfriend mister!" He said with a load of serious in his small voice.

Louis stared down at my baby brother while Liam started laughing like crazy. Eleanor and I also started laughing. 

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