Too Beautiful

[This story has other celebs in it] Kenzie Roberts has been in pain for the last 14 years. Ever since she was 3 and her mother passed away her father has been beating her. She cries herself to sleep every night and in the morning she covers up the bruises. She's a turtle in a school, keeping to herself and out of everyone's way. She's afraid to love and afraid to let anyone in. Above all that she's the most beautiful girl in school. She can't see her beauty because of her fathers vicious words. Can one guy teach her that not all men are like her father? Can he show her that she's beautiful? Read(:


8. "Date."

Kenzie's POV:

Harry asked me out on a date. Me. On a date. Oh my gosh. I was so happy. I heard Eleanor's voice coming up the stairs with Louis. I walked out of the room towards them. 

"You look happy Kenzie." Eleanor smiled at me.

"It's a good look on you." Louis joked.

"Harry asked me to dinner and a movie tonight." I mumbled with the smile still plastered on my face.

"He asked you on a date?" Eleanor's eyes widened. 

I nodded and felt myself blushing. 

She grabbed my arm and pulled me inside her bedroom. She pushed me on her bed then walked over to her closet. Louis sat in a chair smiling. She pulled out a cute shirt with a jean skirt. Then grabbed some boots. After I got dressed she did my hair and makeup. She made Louis wait downstairs for Harry. When I heard the doorbell my heart started to pound. I was so nervous. I walked down the stairs behind Eleanor. When I locked eyes with Harry his whole face lite up. I smiled. I walked over to him and Eleanor sat down on Louis's lap. 

"You look beautiful Kenzie." He whispered in my ear causing the butterflies to go crazy. 

We walked out his car and he opened the door for me. Which just caused my heart to pound more. We drove to Haciendas for dinner. I've never been here so I was thrilled. I tried to hide how happy I was but I just couldn't.

"I just can't get over how beautiful you look tonight, Ken. I mean you always look beautiful but tonight you look like a goddess." Harry said staring at me.

"You don't look half bad either Harry." I teased.

"I had a reason to try to look good." He smiled at me.

"So you don't try on a normal basis?" I asked.

"Nah." He laughed causing me to laugh.

After we were done eating we went to the movies to see Catching Fire. We shared popcorn and a soda. Half way through the movie he wrapped his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. When the movie was over he took me home. He walked me to the door and we just stood there for a few minutes before he pulled me closer to him by my waist. He lifted my head up and locked lips with me. I felt my heart start going crazy. As he pulled away he smiled at me. I wanted to kiss him again.

"Goodnight Kenzie." He winked and started walking back to his car. I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back and kissed him again. As I pulled away I could tell he was very surprised. I bite my lip and ran inside.

"Goodnight Harry!" I said before closing the door.

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