unloyal bffs, awkward crush, and the WORST luck ever!
this is Allies' diary!


1. Thursday!!

 Yeah yeah, i know this is a SUPER MEGA late start to a diary but i only just found this diary in the attic this morning so who cares


Anyway here is the basic info about me

1. im 12 and in september i started going to school at " regent high" so its my first year at high school

2. i have already been in isolation cause im so naughty ( actually it was cause i threw my shoes at somebody in my form- dont judge me they were annoying me! i would nvr be violent on purpose!)

3. My crush is called Joey and he is in my form ( but he is not the one i threw the shoes at - duh!)

4. My bff is called hattie 

5. my other friends are holly, mia, kim, jenna and jolie


So now that you know the basic facts, i can tell you what happened today:


right so hattie is completely different to me since she is small, blonde and blue-eyed where as i am tall and have dark brown hair with brown eyes. But we seemED to get on ok actually...until today. The thing about Hattie is that i have to admit , she is really really irritating. She acts like she is three not 11! for example today , she loves pandas (which is fine) but what is not fine is the fact that she put her hair in her mouth then giggled "Im a panda, eating my bamboo! *giggle giggle*" and then this other girl sophia in our form ( who also loves pandas) giggles too and says


Meanwhile, im just standing there looking stupid. Then later today in geography, you were allowed to sit anywhere since its our last geography lesson cause on christmas so i wait for my so called bff to come sit with me but she goes and sits with another girl Ginny. and all i can hear is giggle, giggle, giggle. So i dont look like a complete loser, i turn around and ask sophia to sit with me instead but nooo! she would rather sit next to smelly old thomas ( the one i threw the shoe at) and so behind me, all i can hear is giggle, giggle, giggle!


Now don't get me wrong, its not that i hate giggling or whatever but when your close to tears because you have nobody sitting next to you and you look like a loner in front of your crush, the last thing you want to hear is your so called BFF giggling to another person. :(

Finally, to finish it off and make me feel like crying a flood, at lunch, me hattie and Kim agreed that after maths ( we r in different sets) we would all meet outside hatties math room. So after maths i forgot and started leaving but then i remembered again. So there i am going back to Hatties math class and what do i see?

Hattie and Kim already walking home, not even waiting for me :'(. When they saw me they started to run over but now i wasn't in the mood so i ran a different way, away from them. I felt like a fallen tree. Somebody yell " Timber!!!" :(

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