A girl that needs to get away from here farther and is going to meet her Lang lost brother. Her brother is Niall horañ but she does not no so. Hope u enjoy guys


3. Concet

We have just finished school and going back to annabels house. When I saw a car. The car... Dads car. He has come to mack shore I don't go tonight I know exacualy what he is doing. I walked up to the house and dad was waiting for me. That is when he hit me, punched me and kicked me.  After he just left me there on the ground but I am ana will still be going to the 1D concert. 



omg I am so exited but I hope Harry likes my dress don't you Cher. I just said yes annabel to keep he hair on. I don't realy like it but it will do I gess.

annabels altfit


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