A girl that needs to get away from here farther and is going to meet her Lang lost brother. Her brother is Niall horañ but she does not no so. Hope u enjoy guys


1. Chapter 1 info about me n mi friend

Hi my name is Cher. I am 14 years old. I am also not into the big bands like 1D. I have breaces and 2 very annoying friends. 1 dad but he thinks I am a sex slave and he raped me a month after mum died. Yes I did say mum died she died about 3 months ago. That was when I was 13. My brother also left and hasn't come back its been almost 2 years sins he left.  My friends don't know him and I am sorry to say but I have also forgot on go he is and his name. All I know is that we will meet again. 

1 of my friend is caled Lucy she likes 1D I feel so sorry for he but come on if she likes them then they are gonna be hot. She likes the one with blond hair that looks like me. I think he is called Niall but I don't no how he looks like me. If it was my app union I would say I look hotter but don't tell Lucy ok. 

The otherwise 1 is called annabel she just is butiful nothing wrong with her she is just perfect. She also likes 1D. I don't no why I like them. But they are my friends and I love them 2 bits.

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