Descendants, The Sacred Treasures

Jade lives a normal life, she's one of the most normal girls you could know. but when a stranger catches her, during a fall, her life is twisted round and round, into a knot. Jade falls in love with the wrong guy and her life falls apart like the petals of a rose, one by one.


6. Chapter 6

     Jade didn't know her way round; she twisted and turned round corners. She dashed round looking for two big doors that would lead her to freedom. She turned those last corners and breathed heavily. She banged her back against the wall and slid down. Where am I? Who am I? What…what am I? Jade thought to herself. She suddenly jumped up astonished; she’d heard jumbled footsteps from behind her. Jade slid into a gap in the giant white pillars holding the building up. The footsteps got closer, Jade began to shiver. A dark hooded man dashed past her, he looked almost familiar to Jade. When he’d pasted she came out of her hiding place and scrambled her mind to see if she could remember this man from anywhere. He looked so familiar; too familiar Jade thought to herself. She then rushed over to where the man was and followed him quietly and slowly. He walked so mysteriously, as if he was up to something. He turned round the next corner faster, almost running. Jade started to quicken her pace, to keep up. She turned round and looked, she saw no one. The man had disappeared, she looked round mysteriously; she turned to look in front of her and heard familiar voices. Jade started to walk forward, when the door began to swing open. Jade panicked and just dropped to the floor, she crawled to another gap between the pillars. She hugged her knees as she watched Will walk past, he looked distort. Jade thought it was probably his first rejection. She turned her head to face the door again and saw the hooded man on the other side looking out at Will. He then made eye contacted with Jade, as if he could she her. Jade moved back into the gap in-between the cold pillars. She breathed faster, Jade thought she was having a panic attack. She tried to calm her breath, but it just quickened up. She crawled out of her hiding place and stood up. She started to run, the opposite way to where the closing door. She ran and ran finally arriving at what looked like the exit doors. Jade took a deep breath and pushed the doors aside. A deafening screech went off, as red lights blinked on and off. Jade put her hands ears and ran out the doors. As Jade got further away, the noise fell silent.

          “Where is she Derek? Don’t you dare say you let her leave, especially if it was after I called?” The hooded man screamed at Derek as he revealed his face. Jade gasped as he did so his eyes were not human eyes, but blue cat’s eyes, sparkling in the sunlight. The man must have heard her because he swiftly turned to look in her direction and said “Ah, she’s not left; you guys can sometimes be the thickest people I know.” Magnus, the cat eyed man, took a step forward and started striding towards her. Jade felt scared not know why this man seemed to be after her. Maybe he’s after my powers, she thought, he can gladly have them, I don’t want powers, they’d curse my life. Luckily for Jade, Will stood in front of him with his hazel eyes glistening. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, she ran because she was scared, if you go up to her now and tell her who you are, she freak. I wouldn’t be surprised if she decided to kill herself.” Will told Magnus with a gentle, probably the gentlest Jade had ever heard. “You’re not my therapist, you know. I’m her farther-” the rest that Magnus said was cut off by the ponding I Jade’s head. I’m her farther; Jade repeated in her head, I’m her farther, farther. Jade was panicking to the maximum, her head was throbbing, her hands shaking, the ground was spinning. She felt really dizzy, the dizzy feeling you get before you faint. She should she’d fainted 2 times since she’d met Will and she’d fainted in her 3rd year of primary.

          Fiona Davies was teasing because her hair was messy; she hadn’t had time to brush it. Everyone in her whole year was laughing and pointing at her, calling her names. It was too much for her and the pounding, the shaking, shivering, had happened then too. Then she’d stumbled and fell down the hill in the playground (the school had been meaning to fence it off for years, but had never had the money to get on with it). Tumbling and falling down the big steep hill, when she landed she wasn’t hurt on the outside, but was trembling because she was dead on the inside. She’d seen her farther (well step-farther now) running down the hill after her, he’d probably been passing by in his way back from work and seen what had happened. It was just too much and she fainted. When she’d woken her mother and brother had told her that she’d been out for two weeks. Jade felt sickened and just hid herself under the hospital’s covers.

       She was feeling the same sensation now. Her head was starting to fall, she felt like she was inside a bubble she couldn’t breathe. As Jade fell, her whole body had gone numb; she was falling like an invisible force was making her. Just before she passed out she saw her “farther” take her head, so that it wouldn’t hit the ground. She squinted her eyes shut and left the invisible forces take over. Jade’s world went dark as she fell into a deep sleep.

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