Descendants, The Sacred Treasures

Jade lives a normal life, she's one of the most normal girls you could know. but when a stranger catches her, during a fall, her life is twisted round and round, into a knot. Jade falls in love with the wrong guy and her life falls apart like the petals of a rose, one by one.


5. Chapter 5

     Will had jumped on the bed and had been hugging and rocking her for a few minutes now. To Will’s surprise Jade had hugged him back. He could feel her tears dripping of her face and onto his back, they were warm and like silk on his back. Will thought the hug was nice and was enjoying it, Jade thought the hug was nice and was enjoying it too. Will came out of the hug and looked at Jade in her wet eyes, Jade looked into his steaming blue eyes. Will started to lean in and then almost like a reflex Jade leant in too. Their lips touched, and pushed together. Jade thought Will was an extremely good kisser, she was kissing him back as she ran her fingers through his soft hair. It felt rough at first but when her fingers got nearer to his scale is was soft and silky. Jade thought why are you kissing Will? You barely know him, and remember he tried to kill you. She started to think more and more about how painful it was when he’d stabbed her, she felt angry. She quickly backed out of the kiss. Will looked puzzled and then he smiled at her. “Was my kiss too good for you?” Jade couldn’t think of what to say, she opened her mouth to say a clever sarcastic reply, but nothing came out. So she shut mouth back shut tightly. So Jade thought she’d walk out on him instead, she stood up straight and almost jogged over to the door. “Jade, Jade wait! I’m sorry! Jade!!” Will yelled to the door as Jade exited out. She started to run.

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