Descendants, The Sacred Treasures

Jade lives a normal life, she's one of the most normal girls you could know. but when a stranger catches her, during a fall, her life is twisted round and round, into a knot. Jade falls in love with the wrong guy and her life falls apart like the petals of a rose, one by one.


3. Chapter 3

     Will was pacing back and forth with anxiousness. He rapidly sat down on the chair next to Jade’s hospital bed. He stroked he long black hair with his smooth hand. He then lowered his hand down to her hand and held it tightly. “Your name is Jade, right? I didn't even know it, why did I have to stab you? You know you’re the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my life.” He said while looking into her golden eyes. “Oh, hi Will what are you doing here? Joe’s been looking for you everywhere; he thought you were in the music room.” Said Beth, her real name was Elizabeth but everyone called her Beth. Beth had long dark violet hair (that she’d died herself), she was wearing the same outfit as Will, but without the leather jacket, instead she had a belt around her waist with all sorts of swords strapped to it. “Yeah, well I was busy.” Said Will with a moody voice. “Who is that anyway?” Beth asked. “I don’t know.” Said Will, not taking his eyes off Jade. “Well, what happened to her then?” Beth inquired. “I… I…I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT BETH!” Will screamed as he stood up, strode over towards Beth and smacked her round the face, leaving her skin tomato red. Beth never showed any emotion(except love, well fake love towards guys that didn't deserve her) , so she didn't cry, but from the look on her face you could see it hurt. “You know who ever she is, she doesn't deserve-” Beth was cut off by the sound of unsteady footsteps entering the room. It was Woody, their tutor (he had black-grey hair. And he was wearing a maroon colored suit with a black tie, he looked very important). “I've got the herbs for the healing mixture. Oh hello Elizabeth, when did you get here?” Derek asked mysteriously. “A second ago actually, but don’t worry I was just leaving.” She said sarcastically. Then she waltzed out the hospital room and fled to her room. “Moody.” Derek said with a slight giggle. “Never mind her any way, let’s start on this healing tonic.” Will nodded and came over to the desk in the middle of the room. The room looked more like the room of a posh church than a first aid one. The men pulled chairs up to the small table and started mashing the herbs together in bowls with mashers. “What happened to the girl again?” Derek asked, while adding more herbs to his mashed up ones already in the bowl. “Um, well, don’t get mad! But I have been tracking her for a few days because I was reading some strange demon energies off her that I've never seen her before on my stele.” Will said while he took out his stele and showed Derek the strange readings. “When is saw her alone by that old guy, Matthew’s, house I thought she was going to break in and attack him, so I jumped to the conclusion that she was a demon, based on what she was doing and the strange readings. I did what any rubbish shadow hunter, like me would do, and jumped on her, I knocked her out and then brought her back here. She broke free of the impossible straps, which are now not impossible, and I thought she was going to attack me, so…so… I stabbed her.” Derek had stopped mashing herbs and was standing still in shock, looking at Will with a startled look. “You…you stabbed her! What the hell do you think you were doing? You idiot, one of the first things you learn in training is that a demon doesn't think they just act, they don’t play tricks they just kill! This girl definitely isn't normal, but she’s no evil demon, she was just scarred!” he yelled at Will and snatched Will’s mashed up herbs and added a green gloopy liquid. “I just jumped to the wrong conclusions, I’m sorry. I wouldn't do it again. I know you have faith in me and this will just make you…you” Will was trying to think of a word but couldn't find one “more faithful-less in” Derek was trying to keep a serious face but couldn't help but giggle. Will silenced his sniggering with a wave of his hand and contained “But what is she, if she isn't human?” Will begged. “Well from the looks of these readings.” Said Derek as he took Will’s stele back and looked at the readings again. “I can’t say, I have seen these before. I start research as soon as I’m done with this girl. Now leave, I doubt she’ll want to see you when she wakes.” Derek said while walking over to Jade. He then turned to Will and shooed him away. Will gave a horrible look at Derek and walked out the room and off to the music room, because Will found it peaceful in there. Derek gave a tut and turned to Jade. “What are you?” He asked to the dying Jade. He grabbed a plastic cup from the bed side table and poured in the lumpy green healing tonic into it. “Cheers!” he then opened Jade’s mouth slowly and poured in the mixture. Jade could feel a thick lumpy mixture into her mouth. She coughed and choked, trying to spit the mixture out. But in the end it was hard not to swallow. She gulped down the horrible smelling and tasting (like rotten mangoes) down her dry throat. She started to cough as the tonic started to kick in. The experience was very painful but not as painful as when she died, she started to think that this was how you entered the afterlife, through excruciating pain. Jade then started to feel her fingers again, then her toes, her feet, legs, arms and every other part of her body. She wiggled her fingers, but only slowly, to see if they worked. She then started to hear things, a woman talking to a man about demons and other supernatural things. Jade thought they’d be mad like that other boy that had stabbed her. She decided that she should take a look at her other kidnappers, so she slowly opened her eyes.

      Jade saw a tall old man standing on the left side of the bed with blackish grey hair; he was wearing an old fashioned maroon suit with a black and yellow poka-dot tie, he looked like he was from the 1800s. She then moved her eye so it looked at the woman on her right; she had black short hair and too much make up. She was wearing a yellow dress with a black belt full of weapons, but no guns, she had very tall leather boots on as well and Jade thought they were fabulous. “I was looking in this book, and couldn't find anything that matched the results Will showed me. The girl is literally impossible.” The old man said while patting the book on the table in the centre of the room. Jade ignored the rest of their convocation; she thought that they were mad as well. Jade looked up to the ceiling and saw golden statues of little baby angels in each corner, there were also bronze statues of people with strange tattoos, there was a boy and a girl and they were placed in the centre of the ceiling. Jade thought they looked like they were kissing. She then brought her head back down and quickly sat up. “Oh, success! You’re awake. I thought my tonic didn't work and that you’d died.” The old man said, with no emotion. “Well thank you but I best be off, my family are probably worried sick and I don’t really want to be stabbed again.” Jade said while putting on a fake smile on. She then dragged her legs out of the bed and placed them on the ground and she stood up. “Well, I’m sorry love but we’re not done with you yet. We need to find out what you are.” The woman said with kindness. Jade then replied “But I’m a human and I have been since I was little!”  The 1800s man then came towards her; Jade backed up and hit the cool wall. “Stay away, go away! I just what to go home!” Jade screamed. “Now I know you’re scarred but we wouldn't harm you I prom-” the strange man was cut off by Jade’s scream of pain. For she’d felt a horrible sharp coldness in her right arm, she looked down and saw a giant needle sticking in her shoulder. It was then pulled out by Will. She felt horrible pain as she started to feel faint, the room went black and she collapsed on the damp floor.

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