Half a heart💜



3. Memories


Miss Mavis called all the girls aged 9 to 14. I went downstairs taking my own time,taking my skateboard down with me. Then I saw five boys,aged maybe in their teenage years? I realized that I was the last one to arrived downstairs.

"What was taking you so long?!" Miss Mavis questioned me.

"Emm I'm sorry?" I mumbled

"So girls,these boys are here to adopt one of you,please do behave yourselves,I will be back shortly" Miss Mavis announced.

I started to walk to a bench where nobody actually sits down but oh well.

"Heyy" a guy with blonde hair came up to me.

"Oh em sup'?" I asked.

"Tell me bout yourself!" He asked.

"Emmm okay? My name is Shane,I am 12 gonna be 13 soon. Em I love skateboarding,playing basketball,and I love to listen music. I love pizza,it's my life. Food is everything to me." I told him.

He started at me like I was crazy.

"I LOVE FOOD TOO!!WE CAN BE BUDDIES WOO HOO!!" he started to scream.

Just than,a guy with a buzz hair cut,came towards us and asked the guy with blonde hair whom I didn't catch his name but Oh well.

Just than,"hey shaney boo!" they guy with blue/grey eyes came up to me.

It took me quite some time to figure out who was he and how he knew my name.

"BOO BEAR?!" I screamed and hugged him!

"I promised didn't i ? " he replied.

Louis was my neighbors son. He used to take care of me when my dad went out to get drunk,he would protect me as much as he could.

It was the only time I could spend being happy without my father.

It was all going quite good as he spent almost the entire day hanging out with me until he wanted to go audition for the X FACTOR UK. I was really really sad as I had no one to protect me,to spend time with.

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