Little Did I Know

18-year-old Annabel Thompson is fresh out of high school and wanting to take a vacation with ten of her closest friends, but little did she know what was in store after her friends and herself arrived at the vacation destination.


4. The Arrival

We had been in the car for four hours now -not that I felt it much being that I slept the entire way there- and I was extremely excited to have finally arrived.

"Annabel!!!" I heard Jess groan my name impatiently.

"What?" I asked, giving her an innocent smile. She gave me her best death glare looking like she was about to rip my entire body apart. "I'm tired! In case you haven't noticed everyone is tired so could you Pleeease come over and get this dang door open!" She whined, stomping her foot a little and a very pouty look upon her face. I sighed, nodding my head and moving over to the door, unlocking it before stepping inside.

The cabin smelt old and the floors creaked underneath my weight, but I could not feel more at home. I invited everyone in and they complained about the old time decor and how nothing seemed as up to date as they would like it to be, I merely smiled and told them all that no matter what it looked like it was a very nice place to be and we would all have an amazing time and with that they calmed down and we headed outside to grab all of our luggage from the cars.

After we finished loading up the cabin with everything that we brought along for the trip everyone took a seat down in front of the fire place getting comfortable

"Alright guys what's on the agenda for tonight?" I asked, curious if anyone had any ideas for fun. "We could play truth or dare!" Jess suggested enthusiastically. I rolled my eyes knowing exactly why she wanted to play that game , it had been how her and Austin had began going out and i'm sure she figured that the same would happen if we played with Kyle and myself included.

I shifted my gaze to land on him and watched as he engaged in a conversation about his future with Austin, he looked so handsome as he spoke, smiling and engaging his whole body in his conversation. I allowed my mind to come up with a fantasy of him asking me to get married and spending the rest of our lives together, suddenly I tasted blood, I cringed and realized I had been biting my lip pretty hard, shaking my head I smiled over at Jess who was awaiting my approval on truth or dare and shrugged. "Sure."

Smiling Jess grabbed a bottle and everyone gathered into a circle. "Okay now I'm sure you all know how this works, I'll spin the bottle and whom ever it lands on gets to pick truth or dare and who will give them the question or dare."

Bottle in hand Jess flashed a smile before flicking her wrist and sending the bottle spinning around in circles. My eyes followed it as it spun round and round eagerly waiting for it to come to a halt and finally it did landing on Mac.

"Truth and Brady." She uttered quietly. Brady glanced up at her with his sea green eyes and hesitated before mumbling, "would you kiss me?" A bright pink blush appeared on her face and she nodded yes.

He moved over to her and leaned in closely to give her a light peck on the lips when suddenly the lights went off and the room was pitch black. "Everyone calm down, I think there are some flashlights in the drawer in the kitchen."

"I'll go get them." said Austin and we heard him stand then he yelped in pain and we heard a loud thud on the floor, the lights flickered back on to a gruesome scene. Laid out before us was a blood covered, motionless Austin. Jess starting screaming and crying and everyone else just stared in sock, not knowing what to do. 

"Call for help! SOMEBODY CALL FOR HELP!" Jess was screaming , but nobody moved we all just kept our eyes glued to Austin and glued to every person in that room afraid of who might have done this. 

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