Little Did I Know

18-year-old Annabel Thompson is fresh out of high school and wanting to take a vacation with ten of her closest friends, but little did she know what was in store after her friends and herself arrived at the vacation destination.


5. Silence

Silence filled the air as we sat there contemplating what exactly would be the best move to make. I wasn't sure what happened in the dark, the only thing I was sure of was that there was  dead body in front of me and his girlfriend was sobbing into his lifeless chest.

"Why... " she mumbled "Why on earth would anyone do this..?"

"Because he deserved it..." we heard someone say, but the voice echoed all around the room no one could clearly pin point where it was coming from. All of our eyes anxiously scanned the room and we shuffled around facing our backs to each other becoming in that instant a team.

"Oh arn't you bunch a smart group, except that I don't know exactly how much your little maneuver is going to help you." I closed my eyes tightly wishing that I was just dreaming, wishing that none of this was happening, wishing that I was anywhere but here. 

The voice stopped talking and we all remained silent , even Jess. No one really knew what to think. Our happy, or rather supposed to be happy, vacation hand transformed into an awful nightmare that none of us could awaken from. As the minutes ticked by we stayed in our position, not moving , barely breathing, and each person lost deep within the realms of their own minds. Suddenly we heard a thud and I looked over to see Ryan laying on the ground with an arrow in his head, I heard Lela gasp and I stood up quickly. "We have to get out of here !" I exclaimed, and with that I exited the cabin and took off running into the woods. I took long strides trying to keep my breathing as even as possible and suddenly I heard approaching footsteps. I sped up afraid of who exactly was behind me and then I heard a manly voice call my name. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked over my shoulder only to come face to face with a slab of muscle that pulled me to the ground and held its their hand over my mouth. I struggled against the un-known being afraid that it was't a friend of mine, but it was no use they were much stronger than I and eventually I gave up and sat silently in the arms of the stranger. After what seemed like forever the stranger released me and I turned around immediately to see who it was. It was Kyle. I gasped, "Kyle.." 

"After you ran out so did everyone else, we all went in opposite directions but not one person stayed in that house , unless of course it was too late." I shook my head and placed me hands over my temples.

"Why did you capture me like that" I asked looking at him with questioning eye's.

"I saw someone following close behind you and I was afraid of who it might be, so I cut them off and pulled you away to safety, or as close to safety as you can be in a deeply wooded area with a strange murderer on the loose." he said shaking his head and throwing his arm over my shoulder. Under normal circumstances I might have been blushing , but considering the terrible turn of events that I was having trouble wrapping my mind around, I simply placed my head on his chest and we sat there silently, unaware of what exactly was in store for us in the near future. 

 We heard some noise nearby and I stood up quickly to leave not wanting to take any chances with my life or Kyle's for that matter but he grabbed my hand and tugged me in the opposite direction, towards the noise.

"It could be one of us." he explained dragging me beside him.

"Or... It could be the killer."

"Guess we will just have to take our chances then.." he mumbled and I followed close behind him as we closed in on the noise we were hearing. It was not the murderer, it was Jess. I ran to her side and placed my arms around her as she wept into my chest. "He's dead.... He's dead and we're all going to die..." she kept saying over and over no matter how much I consoled her.  Kyle stood above us looking around to make sure that we were in no danger. We heard rustling in the bushes not far from us and I looked up with terror in my eyes, but to my pleasant surprise it was only Mac and Brady. 

"Oh thank goodness.. Are you guys alright?" I questioned looking them up and down for any possible wounds but they seemed just fine.

"we're okay, is this what is left of us?" asked Mac studying each one of us carefully.

"No. We are missing two more, Hallie , and Ben."

"Well maybe we'll find them later but in the mean time we need to try and find some shelter it's not safe out here in the open like this." Brady said calmly.

"Where were you planning on going exactly the next cabin isn't for miles ... and honestly I'm not sure anybody would be there to let us in or to call for help." I informed him.

"Maybe we can find refuge somewhere in a cave"

I nodded in agreement and placed my hand on the ground to support myself as I got up, I felt a sharp pain shoot up my arm and looked down to see a needle stuck in the palm of  my hand, a soft cry escaped my lips and Kyle looked at me with his breath-taking eyes full of concern.

"Are you all right?" he asked, extending his hand out towards me in order to help me off of the ground. I placed me hand lightly in his and he pulled me into his arms I took a deep breath and smiled as his scent filled my nose, after a moment I gazed up at him and nodded, "Yeah, I'm alright." 

I allowed my eyes to scan the area around me taking in the people and the place, Jess was still on the ground playing with the grass with her hair blowing in the light breeze, Mac and Brady were staring right back at kyle and I, waiting for an opinion on their earlier suggestion. I sighed shaking my head, "I think we should get a move on then, Brady." He nodded in agreement and I kneeled down next to Jess, placing my arm over her shoulders and my head against hers. I felt her body begin to shake as she cried and I closed my eyes feeling the hot tears fall down my own face. "Jess.." I whispered in her ear, "Things are going to be okay, but he have to go now.." she simply nodded and with that we both rose off of the ground and everyone began to move forward in search of a place to stay safe.




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