Little Did I Know

18-year-old Annabel Thompson is fresh out of high school and wanting to take a vacation with ten of her closest friends, but little did she know what was in store after her friends and herself arrived at the vacation destination.


7. Seven

My eyes fluttered open and I took a deep breath stretching my arms and legs forgetting for a moment where I was. I looked around and realized I could see nothing, It was pitch black. I shook my head and started feeling the ground around me. The floor was rough and the air smelled of old wood, it was then that the memories of where I was and what had happened came flooding back into my head. I tried to swallow and felt a lump in my throat shaking my head I took deep breaths trying to keep calm. As I started moving around the room trying to find someone I felt arms wrap around my waist and pull me tightly against their body, I gasped and struggled to pull away when I felt hot the persons hot breath tickle my neck and a familiar musky voice whisper in my ear, "What are you looking for?"

I breathed a sigh of relief realizing that it was only Kyle. "I was looking for everyone else, We need to keep moving and quite honestly we shouldn't have fallen asleep.." I whispered while maneuvering in his arms to face him. Kyle stared and me and I stared back not really sure what to say and so we just stood there silently gazing into each other eyes before hearing someone clear their throat my looked over to see a female silhouette staring at the two of us.

"Must be nice to have someone to go through this with I hope he doesn't die like Austin..." the silhouette whispered at the two of us, I pulled away from Kyle at that moment and walked over to Jess wrapping my arms around her. "I'm so sorry..." Was all that I could think to say. There was nothing that I could do to bring him back to her and I wish that I had never invited my friends on this trip I had put them all in danger as well as myself, and in danger from what I couldn't even say. Jess just sobbed into my shoulder at a complete lost for words herself.

After a while we woke the rest of what was left of our sad little group and headed out into the darkness away from the where we had fallen asleep. I didn't know where we were headed, but I knew that more than anything I wished to be out of this place already.

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