Little Did I Know

18-year-old Annabel Thompson is fresh out of high school and wanting to take a vacation with ten of her closest friends, but little did she know what was in store after her friends and herself arrived at the vacation destination.


6. Looking

I could feel myself stumbling with each step trying desperately to push myself further forward, I could hear Jess dragging her feet behind me and the sound just seemed to further aggravate my already frustrated nerves , a deep sigh sounded in front of me and I looked up to see Kyle slumped over and taking long deep breaths. I made my way over to his side and placed my hand lightly on his back , I moved my hand gently along the length of his spine in an effort to provide him with so comfort. Kyle lifted his head and his eyes met mine. We stared at each other without saying a word until he stood up straight and smiled at me placing his hand on my shoulder and sliding it down along the my arm until he reached my hand and entwined our fingers, I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and continued walking by his side a little less aggravated than before.

"I think this place will do..." Brady stated, staring at an old seemingly broken down shack in front of us. "It doesn't really look all that reliable and honestly if the killer is looking for us this little broken down shack thing is going to be a dead give away."  Mac said in reply to Brady. We all stood there in silence staring at the shack and suddenly Jess pushed pass everyone and made her way to the front door. "It looks fine to me..." she stated, disappearing into the door way. Everyone looked at the doorway in shock and hesitated before moving forward to enter until we heard a noise coming from the bushes behind us, Brady turned around quickly and Kyle dropped my hand as the two prepared to fight the unknown.

For a moment everything was silent and nobody said a word, and we all barely took breaths. Suddenly out of the bushes came Ben, everyone was a bit taken aback and I felt myself sigh in relief that he was alright, but the good feeling faded fast as we realized that he was charging at us covered in blood and holding his hands up as if to surrender himself, Kyle tackled him to the ground and we all stared at him with fear and shock. "I.... I...." he stuttered trying to get the words out but coming up with nothing. Brady ran over to the two and started checking Ben for wounds or weapons, finding nothing he and Kyle lifted Ben off of the ground and carried him inside, he seemed to be in shock. Mac and I followed the boys inside without a second thought, as I ascended the stairs I heard a creak with each step. Once I stood in the doorway I peaked inside and watched as they set Ben down on an old dusty couch that looked like it hadn't been used in ages, the power was in tact as the lights were on and everyone took a seat on the red sofa opposite from the one that Ben was on. The place reeked, it smelled like mildew and I was beginning to get dizzy. I entered anyways and took a seat on the floor taking deep breaths and trying to calm my nerves. Not sure where to go from here no one said anything and we sat in an awkward silence for what seemed like ages, until finally Kyle spoke, and the sound of his voice so soft and gentle brought a calming feeling over me and I began to relax a bit.

"Ben... that blood isn't yours man.... What happened?" He asked with concern in his  eyes as he stared at Ben awaiting an answer. Ben didn't say anything for a long time, He didn't even look at us, He stared at the wall but his gaze went beyond that as if he was looking at something that wasn't there. Ben lifted his hand and started to wiggle his fingers in front of his own face as if trying to capture his own attention. I gazed at him in awe and suddenly he looked straight at me and opened his mouth as if to say something but Bradly cut him off. "Look , I'm not sure what happened to you .. but what I am sure of is that you're not injured ... yet you were covered in blood! So it would be oh so very kind of you to maybe provide us with some answers instead of ignoring us!!" he yelled, giving him one of the coldest glares I had ever seen come from him. "I.. I..." Ben stuttered looking at the ground and trying again to come up with the words he needed. Ben looked up and met his gaze with mine, I felt my breath catch and I stared at him for what seemed like forever and finally he began to speak. "I'm not the murderer ... if that's what you're all afraid of." He started , as he spoke he looked away for a moment and then back at me. "... but I do bring bad news..." He continued, "Hallie is dead." He stated dropping his gaze to the ground and not speaking another word.

I was shocked into silence and just sat there staring at him waiting for an explanation or something , but he said nothing and only continued to burn a whole into the ground with his eyes. Kyle placed his hands over his face for a moment and shook his head in disbelief. I was hurt , but I had no clue how to react, I had not reacted strongly to anyone's death's yet, but not because I didn't care I just hadn't had a moment to think about them, I only had time to think about keeping everybody else safe. I fought back the tears that were begging to fall and looked around at what so far was left us of all, Jess had a blank stare on her face as if the words uttered by Ben had no effect on her at all. I feared for her very much, feared that she would never be the same after everything that has happened so far. I looked back over at Ben when I heard someone address him , It was Mac. "How do you know?" she questioned. "I saw it happen right in front of me. She was walking and as I ran to catch up with her I suddenly saw her collapse to the ground, racing over to her side I tried to aid her but there was nothing I could do and it was too late, I simply hugged her and cried, Once I was sure that she had passed I laid her down and began to search for everyone else.."

Everyone seemed to accept what he said but I was still a little weary of his story, I shook my head and tried to think about things from his point of view. I would hate if I was in that situation and has someone doubting me and so I kept my thoughts to myself as everyone settled down for the night to get some sleep.


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